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In many areas, including Cockermouth and Keswick, the cost of trying to buy a first home has risen as much as ten-fold in the last forty years. Starting salaries are perhaps only two and a half times higher. University fees have gone from zero to £9k per annum, plus at least £9k again in annual living costs. The cost of getting married isn’t trivial. In short, for young people to get an education, get married and buy a house without significant family financial assistance is a near impossibility. The alternatives? Crippling lifelong debt, plus the stress that comes with it, or they simply give up on ever achieving these types of aspirations.

Careful Financial and Estate Planning by parents and grandparents can make a vast difference to the start in life young people have. There also has to be an awareness of their financial needs and a willingness to assist these young people at the right time. Long term planning is the key to ensuring the funds will be available.

My role is to particularly assist people in ensuring that assets such as houses and investments in the ownership of families will still actually be there to benefit the younger generations when required. I am an Associate of Co-op Estate Planning who are specialists in legal, estate and later life planning. I provide advice on a wide range of legal, funeral and estate planning initiatives with the view to giving you and your family long term protection and peace of mind. All documentation is produced by Co-op Legal Services who are fully regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority.

My philosophy is to listen carefully to the wishes of all clients and to take a thorough and considered approach to meeting their aspirations. There is no charge for an inheritance planning meeting and I will either come to your home or you can visit me.

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Stottie and I have just returned from a brilliant holiday in America, where we met some lovely people, none of whom were called Donald and ate some fantastic food including ‘grits’! They are much tastier than they sound! Listened to some great music, visited the home of the King and finally Florida where, we did lots of research in how to relax on a beach.


First stop was a direct flight from Heathrow to Nashville. If you are ever departing from Heathrow and there are more than two people travelling, take the train to Euston, then book an Addison Lee car direct from the station to your terminal. It’s around £45.00 off-peak and much better value than getting across to Paddington, then using the Heathrow Express and you don’t have to man (or woman) handle your bags.

We stayed at the Indigo Hotel which was in a fantastic location just out of earshot of the amazing live music on Broadway but close enough to be able to walk to most of the major sights and museums. Nashville is home to many great tourist sights and venues including the famous Grand Ole Opry House, The Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum and the Broadway District with live music everywhere you turn. We did a hop on off city tour, which was a great way to see the major sights before a great night listening to some fantastic bands.

We drove the three hours southwest to the home of the King himself Elvis Presley. I blame Mrs. Fox (my mother, for first-time readers of this column for insomniacs) for a childhood with background music of Elvis and other Rock 'n' roll greats causing a longstanding desire to visit Memphis and in particular Graceland and Sun Studios, where many iconic tracks were recorded. It was well-worth the drive, Graceland is beautiful and preserved exactly the way it was when Elvis passed away in 1977. That night, we did what any tourist who wants a restaurant recommendation in America – we asked a policeman and our computer sent us to a great bar/restaurant/music venue called the Blues City Café where they serve the best Southern cooking in town.

And finally - Florida!

We hired a Mustang convertible and had a fantastic week exploring the southern Gulf coast of Florida. Our base was Fort Myers Beach, not as posh as Naples but a very chilled, friendly town with a great choice of restaurants and a beautiful white sandy beach. We had some great days out on Sanibel and Captiva islands, both of which I would highly recommend.

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