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LeBron James to crossover to the Lakers

Dr. and Mrs. Harvey donate $553,000 to Hampton for faculty and staff raises

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NSU Launches Search for New President

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Historical Marker for Bay Shore Beach Resort Unveiled

NSU Interim President Dr. Melvin T. Stith, Sr.


(governing the

Board seventh of Visitors

applications and nominations for

of Norfolk State University (NSU).


a dynamic, ial,


body) invites President

board seeks entrepreneur- and


leader with strong academic, administrative,

and business acumen.

development The

successful candidate will be a visionary, advancing university’s reputation

the while

increasing resources through private and public partnerships.

Norfolk State University is a comprehensive, public


institution committed to transforming the lives of its students through high-impact educational

experiences that

prepare its graduates for success in the 21st century. The next president will appreciate the distinctiveness of NSU’s mission as a historically black institution and be able to

interpret that mission for

the changing environment of higher education. He or she will also have a demonstrated track record of problem solving

NSU BOV Rector Dr. Byron L. Cherry, Sr.

in a complex organization, with a deep commitment to shared governance and with integrity beyond reproach.

To direct the search

process, the Board of Visitors has established a 21-member Presidential Search Committee

of the University’s multiple stakeholders. retained

representative It has also


& Associates, Inc., a highly respected search firm that has successfully completed more than 2,000 searches, and consulting and training projects, to work with the committee. The committee

is co-chaired

by board members Deborah M. DiCroce and Larry A. Griffith.

Over the next couple of months, the

Search Committee will provide multiple

public to

sessions for members of the NSU external constituencies


and internal share

ideas about what qualities and characteristics


like to see in the university’s next president. That input will

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Test detects aggressive cancers in women

Hampton Roads Upcoming Events Scholarships Watch

Do not be afraid to 'Press the Easy Button' Equestrian Camp at Hampton University Portsmouth activates Cooling Stations Code Club @ the Library in Virginia Beach

Clara Lionel Foundation Global Scholarship 6 4 BY ALINA COMOREANU, WALLETHUB.COM

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Presidential listening


Pictured from left to right are Linda Porter, Mayor Donnie Tuck, Barbara Anthony Wright, James T. Johnson, Samuel Joseph Scott, and Chuck Chavers. Mr. Scott is believed to be the last living Bay Shore Beach lifeguard.

Photo courtesy of Hampton Convention & Visitors Bureau BY HAMPTON.GOV

On June 20, 2018, members of the Buckroe Historical

Society unveiled a

historical marker to the Bay Shore Hotel, which served African-Americans as a top East Coast resort for 75 years.

The venture, which opened in 1898, hosted state and national conferences, sporting events and concerts including Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway and Ella

Fitzgerald. Bay Shore, a cooperative venture funded by 60 African-American businessmen, began as a four-room cottage. The property adjoined

Buckroe segregated. By 1930, Bay Shore had a three-story

beachfront hotel with 70 rooms, a cafe, pier, pavilion and bathhouses. It drew tourists from across the East Coast and Midwest.


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