Last month, I promised to dispel some of the myths surrounding the mysterious piece of white paper that is attached to your prescription (green side) if you get it directly from the surgery, or that is put in your bag with your medication at the pharmacy.

• Sometimes it is completely blank. I tend to put this in your prescription bag as evidence but occasionally I’ll forget, and all hell will break loose.

• The pharmacy does not print your white side; it is done by the surgery.

•We do not write anything on your white side. Anything written on here is a message from the surgery.

• The list of medications on your white side is just that (a list of medications). They are medications that you are allowed to order on repeat without your GP having to review them.

•We can’t give out medication against the white side of your prescription. We need the green prescription that was attached to it.

• If an item is on your white side, it does not mean that it was on your prescription (the green side). You can order just one item but still get a print out of all your medication on the white-side that comes with it. Please refer to the above point to further explain this.

• You can still order your prescription if you lose your white side or if it came as a blank sheet. The white side is preferable if ordering by hand, but you can still write your medication down on a piece of paper or use the other methods available to you.

So, hopefully this will reduce my chances of receiving a paper cut to the nose or eye ball as a white side is waved in front of my face by a patient saying that they didn’t receive everything on the list.

I hope that this hasn’t come across as overly sarcastic, but this has been a confusing issue for patients since repeat prescriptions were introduced, so it’s nothing personal. If there any other mysteries of pharmacy that you want explained, then there’s no such thing as the pharmacist’s ‘Magic Circle’ so I’ll be happy to oblige.


We have been made aware that the online pharmacy Pharmacy2U have embarked on yet another attempt to confuse you into joining their quest to end community pharmacy once and for all.

It is important to remember that they are not part of the NHS and that only you can choose which pharmacy you use. Even if you have signed up with them by mistake, which happens more than you think, you can change your mind at any time without penalty.


When I started writing this article, my intention was to be informative and interesting in my attempts to give you an insight into the world of community pharmacy. Naturally, some articles are better or funnier than others and on occasion, I am told this by a reader if not someone in my own house. Sometimes, things happen in the shop and I grab a Post- it Note as I think it would work well in my article. I was tidying up my paperwork a few days ago and I came across a note from a while back that must have amused me at the time. There was a lot of action one afternoon on Main Street and all of a sudden, police cars, vans and dog teams descended on one of the Main Street pubs that was closed at the time. Next thing we know, a rather excited patient ran in, itching to tell us what was going on and summarised it all very well and succinctly. What they said took me back to a thought I’d had in the past. You know, when you hear a band name and think: “That’s clever, I wonder how they came up with that?” Well if I ever start a band, which is unlikely as I have no musical talent whatsoever then ‘14 druggies and a gun’ is all mine!


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