MARKET TRADER, JULY 6 - 19, 2018

FEATURE 19 Trading restrictions could hit stallholders

Planned restrictions on the number of days a North Yorkshire market can operate have left traders shocked and annoyed. Stallholders at Whitby Market say

they were not consulted on the issue and were given little warning that the changes were going to take place. A statement from Scarborough Borough Council, as reported by local media, said: “Following the appointment of a new Market Superintendent for Whitby and Scarborough earlier this year, a comprehensive review of the operation and management of Whitby Market is underway. “In the medium and long term we

want to improve the viability and appeal of the market to customers and traders, introduce best practice and modern operating protocols where required and look at an investment plan, including potential capital investment in existing facilities. “In the short term however there

are some actions that we need to do quickly, to ensure market operations conform to the necessary regulations and legislation. This will ensure that the market is placed on a sound and sustainable footing before moving forward. “Actions include ensuring that

traders are registered with the council and have the required insurances to operate, and that trading is carried out only on regulated days and times. As a matter of priority, all the traders have been contacted and fully informed of this process.

“In order for the council to effectively manage the market and ensure compliance with regulation, as from Monday 16 July trading days will be restricted to Tuesday, Saturday (the official chartered market day), and a seasonal farmers’ market on a Thursday.” Anne Marshall is a longstanding trader at the historic market and has responded to the proposals in a letter to local media. She wrote: “As

a regular trader on Whitby Market for some years now, having built up a business that is tailored specifically to the tourist trade and particularly to Whitby, I am studying a letter from Mr Alex Richards, Acting Regeneration Services Manager of Scarborough Council, entitled ‘Changes to Operation of Whitby Market’ dated 14th June 2018. “This is the first direct communication I have had from anyone at the council with regard to changes at Whitby Market. “While I have no issues with the

should be implemented fairly, with due consideration given to everyone affected, and not rushed. “On its website the council refers

small businesses and provide employment for substantial numbers of people. “My own business provides full time work for myself and one other person as well as several seasonal workers each summer. “Depending as it

does on the summer months and in particular the school holidays, it would not survive the proposed reduction of trading days to two per week, and being given four weeks notice that this would take effect from the start of the school holidays, after months of planning, buying stock etc strikes me as especially unfair. “I hope that in the

Proposed changes at Whitby Market have angered traders. (Photo: ImGoingToAzerbaijan)

short term objectives outlined, I am concerned that any changes

to markets as an important part of creating vibrant high streets and safeguarding jobs. “It also says market stalls are

days between my writing this letter and its publication the council will have taken steps to make sure that everyone who has a stake in this issue feels they have been properly considered and fairly treated before completing stage one and moving on to stage two of the planned

changes.” John Freeman, a gallery owner

at the Market Place in Whitby and friends with many of the stallholders

there, has spoken out in support of the traders. He told local media: “It appears

that someone from Scarborough, the new Marketing Manager we believe, turned up last week or the week before and just said ‘we’re going to stop trading on various days of the week’, which as a business person myself, I think is just incredibly poor practice. “There was no obvious indication

that trading was going to cease on various days of the week, so I have some considerable sympathy for the way they have been treated.” Councillor Bill Chatt, cabinet member for sustainability at Scarborough Borough Council, said: “The market will continue on the current market system of every Tuesday and Saturday. But at this moment, Sunday market won’t operate next month unless something changes. “That’s an operational matter

and they’re doing that to make this market compliant with the market regulations. “What they’re doing at the moment is they’re putting systems in place where people can book or pay a pitch for the day. “The consultation, when this

comes in, will happen soon and then we can come across and talk to the market traders and see what they want and see what’s available to do that.” A petition has already been set up

in a bid to keep Whitby Market as a daily market.

Attractive new incentives to become an Indoor Market trader

The latest in a programme of improvements at Alfreton Indoor Market, along with a value- added rent incentive, is making the popular shopping venue an enticing proposition for new traders and customers alike.

New automated front and rear doors have been installed by Amber Valley Borough Council, to improve the ease of access to the market and help maintain a constant comfortable temperature. The latest improvements follow recent investment which has included the introduction of new market stalls and independent kiosks, ideal for the service industry such as hairdressers and nail technicians. In recent years the indoor market has been upgraded with a roof replacement guaranteeing a

weathertight environment to enjoy the traditional market experience out of the Derbyshire weather.

In a bid to encourage even more traders into the Market, the Council is offering new traders the opportunity to apply for a 50% reduction on their rent for the first three months – subject to a six- month commitment. Traders wishing to expand and grow are also supported with rent incentives to encourage expansion.


The Market includes the Alfreton Market Café where refreshments can be enjoyed and customers can sit a while and take a break from their shopping.

Vicki England, Market & Town Centre Officer at Amber Valley Borough Council commented: “We feel with the latest improvements and the rent incentive, the Indoor Market offers a great

opportunity for entrepreneurs who can see a niche in the market and may be interested in starting their own business. It could also be the perfect location for someone wishing to trial their new idea or for those down-sizing from a shop. Kiosks and stalls of any size are currently available. Shoppers are invited to come along and see what is on offer at their local market.”

The Alfreton Indoor Market is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Institute Lane, Alfreton. For more information please contact Vicki England 01773 520363 or


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