NEW CENTURY OPHTHALMOLOGY 5720 Creedmoor Rd #101 Raleigh, NC 27612 919-307-7030

1610 Williamsboro St, Oxford, NC 27565 919-328-3898 Make the Best Choice for Your Eye Health and Save Money on LASIK Surgery! LASIK surgery is more popular than ever and the latest technology makes it safer than ever.

For a limited time, New Century Ophthalmology Group is off ering LASIK surgery plus a complete holistic health consult, both for only $597 per eye. New Century Ophthalmology Group is a complete Medical, Surgical, Laser, and Optical eye care facility. NCOG is well-equipped with state-of-the- art equipment and our surgeons have performed more than 15,000 procedures. See ad on page 11.


STRENUA, LLC Judy Liu, MPH, Certified Health Coach RYT 200 and ACE Fitness Instructor Duke University Certified Health Coach 646-709-6648 Want to train for a race or practice yoga? Want to increase your core strength and relieve stress? Need a personalized fi tness plan to help you reach your goals? Private and group yoga, fi tness and health coaching sessions are available. Your sessions are reimbursable using your healthcare fl exible

spending account. Call today to schedule your private fi tness coaching session! See ad on page 34.


PEMF SUPPLY 844-855-7363 Now you can energize the natural healing power of each and every cell of your body. T e OMI Pulsed Electromagnetic Field T erapy (PEMF) device pulses a magnetic fi eld consistent with the Earth’s natural frequencies. T is can help restore ion fl ow, stimulate your body’s regeneration process and improve your overall wellness in many ways. Call or go online today to discover how PEMF therapy has helped countless others and how it can help you fi nd relief and renewal – right in the comfort of your own home. See ad on page 4.


HEALTH TOUCH NC LLC 3500 Westgate Drive Suite 504 Durham, NC 27707 919-490-4656 At Health Touch, more than 30 professional health care practitioners care for your body, mind and spirit with one goal in mind – to improve your quality of life. Nearly 100 healing modalities are available to meet your health care needs. Call now to learn about the health care services, holistic education courses, and other opportunities Health Touch has for you. See ads on pages 32 and 39.


GREWAL CENTER FOR MIND BODY MEDICINE Kiran Grewal, MD Preston Professional Plaza 1003 High House Road Cary, NC 27513 919-234-7169 Grewal Center for Mind Body Medicine is an integrative and healing-oriented Family Medicine practice. Kiran Grewal, MD, is a Board Certified Family Medicine physician and Integrative

Functional Medicine doctor. She founded the practice to focus on life style interventions and the root causes of chronic conditions. Grewal Center is now accepting new patients. See ad on page 10.


RENOVO NATURAL HEALTH Dr. Michael Lonardo, PSc.D, TND 6512 Six Forks Road Suite 404A Raleigh, NC 27615 919-986-9940 Dr. Michael Lonardo is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association (License #519849546) to provide Pastoral Health & Wellness

(PSM) services. He is accepting new clients who struggle with chronic health conditions such as: Anxiety, Bi-Polar Disorder, Brain fog, Chronic cough, Chronic fatigue, Chronic pain, Digestive disorders, Emotional distress, Headaches, Hormonal imbalance, High blood pressure, High blood sugar, Infertility, Muscle weakness, Panic Disorder, Personality Disorder, PTSD, Sexual dysfunction, Sleep disorders, Stress-related issues, Systemic infl ammation, and Weight gain/loss diffi culty. See ad on page 12.



EMOTIONAL WELLNESS COACHING Dee Whitaker, Relationship Coach 919-622-5183 You real ly can create and maintain the relationship and marriage you want. Learn easy to use techniques to help you remain calm and focused even in diffi cult situations. Learn communication skills that will assure your partner truly understands your point of view. Avoid the pushback, blame, excuses, anger, negative thoughts, and unproductive behavior patterns and master the most eff ective way to communicate. Call now – you deserve a great relationship! See ad on page 3.


BEACON THERMOGRAPHY Advanced Medical Thermal Imaging 910-803-2150 T ermography is a state-of-the- art, FDA registered, non- invasive and radiation-free imaging technology that may detect abnormal conditions before they are detectable by mammography, ultrasound,

x-rays or MRIs. While thermography’s most common application is in breast cancer screening, it can also help detect a large number of other conditions and injuries. Early detection allows more time to address potential issues. T ermographs are read by MDs who are board-certifi ed in thermal scan analysis. See ad on page 33.


KUNDALINI YOGA & MEDITATION HarDarshan Khalsa, MA, LPC Chapel Hill, NC 919-929-7278 Would you like more from your yoga practice? Kundalini Yoga and Meditation works on your physical body, and helps you to feel more balanced mentally and emotionally. Spiritually, this practice can help you connect with your own inner truth. Come practice with two instructors

who have over 30 years experience in this ancient technology. Weekly classes, and teacher trainings available. See ads on page 8.

July 2018


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