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Healing Ceilings Brings Positive Health Benefits to Cancer Patients

by Judy Liu, MPH O 16

then installed in adult cancer treatment facilities. Healing Ceilings is a dedicated Love Train filled with a growing community of artists and supporters committed to improving the visual healing environment of cancer patients during treatment – the time when they are most in need love and light and hope. Patients exposed to this original healing imagery say they can feel the love of

ur moods are oſten described using light- or color-based words such as “feeling sunny” or “in a

dark place,” so it is no surprise studies have shown that viewing beautiful im- ages can liſt our spirits and our mood. Healing Ceilings is a 501(c) (3)

tax-exempt non-profit organization that seeks to positively transform the experience of adult cancer pa- tients through appropriate, original, evidence-based art. Te works are installed in the ceilings of adult cancer treatment centers in communities across the United States at no charge to the cancer treatment facility. Healing Ceilings partners with

professional and serious hobby artists who paint and donate evidence-based art on acoustical ceiling tiles that are

the artist and are positively impacted by the beauty, color, subject matter, loving intent and comforting design. Teir mood elevates; their anxiety is lowered, and they feel that others care about their well-being. Tey are comforted by the beauti- ful images. Dr. Roger Ulrich, PhD, former director and professor of Center of Health

Systems and Design in the College of Architecture at Texas A & M University, has conducted numerous experiments which measured the effects of art on medical outcomes. Te original study explains that open, calm nature scenes benefit adult patients most. Abstract art may cause anxiety because of the possibility of various interpretations. Healing Ceilings provides hospital grade 2’x2’ tiles to the artists. To date, the

artists have produced more than 400 beautiful tiles of visual sanctuary and escape. Tese beautifully painted ceiling tiles have been installed at various treatment centers including Cancer Centers of North Carolina and Rex UNC Healthcare. Tere has been positive feedback from cancer patients who have viewed the

Healing Ceiling tiles. In addition to cancer patients, many caregivers, family mem- bers and friends have also been positively inspired by the tiles. Healing Ceilings is seeking talented, healing-focused artists who are 18 or

older. Te organization shares evidence-based design guidelines rooted in health- care design research and resources. For information, to contribute artwork or to volunteer, please visit

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