Make a Wool Doll For this you will need:

■ Some knitting wool ■ A pair of scissors ■ Some cotton thread ■ A piece of cardboard about 9 cm by 3 cm (you could cut this from an old cereal packet)

Wind the wool around the cardboard on the long side a lot of times until it is quite thick ● Cut the wool at both ends making sure you keep the bundle of wool together ● Tie the bundle together with the cotton close to one end. The short ends will be the hair ● A little way down, tie the bundle together to make the head ● About halfway down, tie the bundle together to make the body ●Split the bottom of the bundle into two equal amounts to make the legs and tie each bundle together at the bottom ● Now make the arms by winding the wool around the cardboard in the same way as for the body but do not use as much wool. Arms are thinner than bodies! ● Tie the bundles close to each end ● Push the arms through the body close to the head. To keep the arms in place, loosely tie some cotton around the body just below the arms ●You have now made your wool doll. If you wanted to, you could stick very small bits of wool on the face to make eyes and a mouth just like the picture.

HINT: Ask a friend to hold the bundles of wool together when you tie them.

Ticks are out in force this time of year, especially if you walk amongst bracken and long grass. Ticks are parasites that feed on warm-blooded mammals and they attach themselves to the dog and gorge on their blood before dropping off. Regularly check your dog for ticks, they are very small when they first latch on, so not always easy to see. If you find a tick, it is important to remove it safely, as you don’t want to leave the head attached to the dog, as this could get infected. You can buy tick removers from pet shops which are very simple and effective to use.

Another concern during the summer months, is the risk of overheating. We all know that dogs die in hot cars, but a lot of owners overlook the fact that dogs can become very ill, or even die due to heatstroke on warm days. If your dog has been lying out in the hot sun or been on an energetic walk on a hot day, there is a risk they could overheat and suffer from heatstroke. Symptoms of heatstroke are severe panting leading to breathing distress, lying down and won’t get up, excessive drooling, muscle tremors, rapid heart rate, diarrhoea, vomiting, lack of

awareness of surroundings or staggering. If you suspect that your dog has overheated, you need to cool them down safely. Find a shaded well-ventilated area, provide plenty of cool drinking water, wrap the dog in cool wet towels, replace regularly, or immerse the dog in cool (not ice cold) water and contact your vet as soon as possible. We are lucky to live so close to plenty of lakes, so on a hot day, we tend to walk our dogs around the lake or by a river, so they can keep themselves cool and if we are in the garden, I encourage them to lie in the shade, or in the house when it’s hot.

If you would like a chat about your dogs grooming requirements, or to make an appointment please give me a call on 07746 485 330.

Lexa Ray, Floyd’s Dog Grooming

Katy and Daniel’s Island Adventure (Part 1) A SHORT STORY FOR YOUNG CHILDREN BY CHRIS BOWER©2018

some milk. Daddy says that they will take the rowing boat and row around the island instead of walking. They all think this will be fun.

Daddy is rowing as they set off, on a calm sea and in bright sunshine.

When they get to the end of the island, things start to go wrong. There is a strong wind and the sea has rather big waves. Then Daddy loses an oar over the side of the boat and they see it drifting away. Now he cannot row, and the sea is pulling them away from the island. Katy is frightened and even Mummy and Daddy are a bit worried.

Katy and Daniel are on holiday on an island. There are a few grassy hills and a few houses on the island. There are a lot of sheep and a lot of seabirds. The cottage where they are staying is next to a small beach with white sand and clear sea water.

Katy and Daniel like to paddle in the clear sea water and to look at their feet walking on the white sand under the water. They can see seashells and seaweed under the clear sea water. They think this is the best place in the world for a holiday.

There is a small shop on the other side of the island. One day Mummy says that they need


Luckily, the strong current carries them to a small island, where they manage to scramble ashore and they pull the boat up the beach. Poor Katy is crying because she is so frightened. Mummy puts her arm round her and gives her a hug. Soon Katy knows she is safe and stops crying.

“What do we do now?” she asks.

“We keep a lookout for a boat that can rescue us,” says Daddy, “and we explore the island. No-one lives here so we can be explorers.”

“I am hungry,” says Daniel. “Let’s see what food we have between us,” says Mummy.

They all look in their pockets and bags.

Altogether they have four sweets, a small bar of chocolate and one raw potato.

“Why do you carry a potato in your pocket, Daniel?” asks Katy.

“I don’t know,” says Daniel. “I just do!” “Let’s try to cook it,” says Daddy.

He takes out of his pocket a magnifying glass. Then he finds some very dry bracken. With the magnifying glass he focuses the sunshine on to the dry bracken. After a while, the bracken begins to smoke. Very gently, Daddy blows on the smoke and as if by magic, the smoke bursts into flame. They all gather driftwood from the beach to make a fire. Then they cook the potato in the fire. The outside is black, but the inside is cooked beautifully. They think this is the best potato they have ever tasted. Unfortunately, there is only enough for one mouthful each. Secretly, Daniel thinks it tastes so good because it has been in his pocket for two weeks!

“Now for pudding,” says Mummy. She breaks the bar of chocolate into four. Their pudding is one piece of chocolate and one sweet each.

“That was fun,” says Daniel, “but now we have eaten all our food we will be very hungry. What will we do?”

What indeed! This story concludes next month. ISSUE 426 | 23 JUNE 2018 | 50


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