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A GreatDayOut!

The last Sunday in May was Discovery Day at RSPB Campfield Reserve. It dawned bright and sunny and though it became quite hot later, we were refreshed by a steady breeze.

From mid-morning, visitors began to arrive, and it was particularly pleasing to see plenty of children and most of the children headed for the pond dipping on the pond in the Discovery Zone. The pond was newly-dug only four years ago but soon began to attract water life, which quickly manifested itself once the pond dipping started. I was informed by the beetle expert supervising the pond dipping, that over 40 species of water beetle had been found, including some quite rare ones. Dragonfly, damselfly larva and great water beetle larvae were soon found. These are particularly fearsome animals and will eat almost any other small water life. After suitable inspection, everything caught was returned to the pond. Equipment for pond dipping is available every day from the reserve centre and I think it is one of the best ways to get youngsters interested in the natural world.

The previous evening, a moth trap had been set up and during the day many different live moths were on display in the centre before being released. Meanwhile, the reserve manager Dave Blackledge, was using a garden vacuum cleaner to suck up insects and spiders from long grass and then shaking them out on to a sheet for inspection. In the workshop there were facilities to make nest boxes for small birds. The plant, cake and refreshment tables were also kept busy. It was a successful event attracting good numbers of visitors.

At this time of year, Marjorie and I receive a few calls from people asking what to do with a young bird, they have found which can’t fly. Quite a few species of bird leave the nest before they can fly. The clutch then disperses a bit but continues to be fed by the parents. If you find a young bird, at this stage it’s best left alone, as its calls will enable the parents to find it. The only time we would recommend intervening, is if it is in imminent danger, in which case place it under or in a nearby bush, hedge or thick vegetation.

Braithwaite Woods walking group taken by Jean Tyers

Our next walk will be on Thursday 5th July from Christ Church, Cockermouth to Papcastle and Broughton Beck, including the River Derwent, the location of the former railway station and sites of recent excavations for Roman remains.

Meet at Christ Church, Cockermouth at 6.30pm.

WWW.THECOCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK Wear appropriate outdoor clothing.

Other forthcoming walks are to Waterloo farm on 18th July and the Carlisle 3 Rivers Walk on Saturday 18th August.

Contact Stan Leigh for more details or telephone 01900 828821 or email

A coupe of days ago, we were on our allotment in Broughton when we were surprised to spot one of the most attractive and aptly named damselflies, the Beautiful Demoiselle, which is a brilliant iridescent blue.

RSPB West Cumbria Group’s next indoor meeting will be in September and the programme will be announced nearer the time.

More details from from Group Leader Dave Smith on 01900 85347, or Marjorie and Neil on 01900 825231.

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