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Lakeland Care prides itself on ‘Making Time for Care’ by providing the best personal and social care for residents and acting as a key part of the extended family to ensure a bespoke support for each resident’s family and friends

le us be part o the family’ ‘We’re here to help -

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The inheritance planning implications of a second relationship can be unforeseen and potentially extremely severe on any children from the first relationship. This is particularly so where there is a second marriage as the act of marriage automatically invalidates any previous Will. Then there can be the situation that whoever passes away first completely disinherits their children from their first relationship because intestacy leaves all to second spouse.

It is essential to put in place new inheritance planning documents that will safeguard the standard of living of the surviving spouse or partner but crucially also ensures that on second death the first deceased’s assets that they had at the time of their death then pass to their children, not to those of their second spouse or partner. To give the first deceased’s children ‘peace of mind’ the planning needs to ensure that the surviving second spouse or partner cannot then later in life write a new Will that simply leaves all to their own children. This is not uncommon when they have long since lost contact with the children of their deceased second spouse or partner…or quite possibly they never had a close relationship with them in the first place.

Where the second marriage or relationship also involves the joint ownership of a property it becomes essential that advice is sought on how that property is owned. If the couple are ‘Joint Tenants’ that will override what any Will may say and again disinheritance of first relationship children is the likely outcome.

Thus, careful and well thought through inheritance planning is a real necessity where there is a second marriage or relationship. This applies to both the financial security of the surviving person and to the inheritance of children from the first relationship. There are sensible solutions available. I will happily come and see you.

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Richard Johnson Estate Planning Practitioner

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“I am over 25 and entitled to the National Living Wage but I suspect I am being underpaid. How can I find out if I’m being paid the right amount and claim what I am owed from my employer?”

If you think you’ve been underpaid, you should act quickly, as it’s harder to get your money back three months after the problem arose.

Check your payslip to see if there’s been a mistake. You will be able to see the number of hours you’ve worked, the rate you’ve been paid and if there have been any deductions.

Ask your employer to explain anything you don’t understand on your payslip and tell them why you think you have been underpaid. If there was a genuine mistake, ask your employer to pay you straight away. You shouldn’t have to wait until the next payday.

If your employer refuses to pay back your wages you can formally raise a grievance, either by writing a letter to your employer, or

following your company grievance procedure. Explain that you haven’t been paid enough and you want them to pay the difference.

If this still doesn’t work, you can take your employer to a tribunal. Contact the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas), who will see if your employer will agree to a conciliation process, rather than go to court. Otherwise, you can take your employer to a tribunal. Think carefully before starting a tribunal claim as it can be expensive and stressful.

For further help, contact Citizens Advice Allerdale, Town Hall, Oxford Street, Workington on 01900 604735, or visit us at


Sunday, 24th June, 10.30am-4.30pm Join us for our Garden Safari in aid of village hall funds

It’s a chance to tour a dozen gardens, buy plants from our Plant Sale, view some classic vehicles on display in the village and enjoy refreshments in the village hall. There’ll be a cakes stall, a jam stall, a raffle, activities for children, a free hail-and-ride bus between venues.

Look out for the golden-yellow posters for more details. All welcome! ISSUE 426 | 23 JUNE 2018 | 42

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