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Millennials are giving UK markets a new lease of life, visiting markets more often today than they did five years ago and spending double that of their seniors on average. At the same time, ‘The

Great British Market Revival’ study, released at the end of last month, reveals new opportunities for traders to grow their reach and attract new customers with the help of access to digital technology. Almost half (46 percent) of

Brits visit markets less today than they did five years ago, with a lack of digital presence cited as one of the reasons they don’t visit markets more often. And of those millennials who don’t currently visit markets, the majority (44 percent) would most likely discover information about their local market online. The survey into local

markets is released at the launch of a nationwide initiative to upskill market traders and small business owners and help them grow online, led by Google and The Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government, and supported by The Federation of Small Businesses. When asked how often

they visit a market, 30 percent of millennials said “at least weekly”, compared to 16 percent of those aged 45 and over. Millennials also spend more in markets, with the average visit costing £35.41 – more than double that of people aged 45 and over who spend an average of £15.18.

The growing digital opportunity

Over the last five years, Google searches for ‘market near me’ have skyrocketed by almost 3000 percent. With 35 percent of people surveyed saying they choose to go online to find out information about their local markets, it’s clear there is an opportunity for traders to grow their reach. Research shows that small businesses with a strong web presence grow more than twice as quickly as competitors, create more than twice as many jobs, and

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are 50 percent more likely to sell outside of their immediate region. However, a lack of digital

skills is holding back the regeneration of some of Britain’s markets. As part of the initiative, launched during Love Your Local Market fortnight, Google is offering free workshops and face- to-face coaching in topics including: building a digital marketing plan; how to make your stall more visible online; and social media strategy, as part of its Google Digital Garage programme. The digital skills tour kicked

off in Stourbridge, West Midlands on June 1, and continues across the north of the UK before heading south later this year. Ronan Harris, Managing

Direc t or, Google UK commented: “Despite their rich and entrepreneurial heritage, markets are facing significant challenges in today’s economy, as competition f r om s u p e rma r k e t s , shopping centres and online stores grows, and digital technologies transform how people live, work and shop. “Today, millennials are

visiting more, spending more, and heading online more than their seniors to seek out their local markets. The Google Digital Garage aims to give market traders the digital skills

The digital skills tour kicked off in Stourbridge, West Midlands on June 1, and continues across the north of the UK before heading south later this year

they need to take advantage of this opportunity. “We want to help them

to make the most of new technologies to level the playing field against their competition, reach new customers beyond their local area and grow, ensuring markets remain at the heart of local communities.” High Streets Minister,

Jake Berry MP said: “From traditional street markets selling everyday items to specialist food, craft and antiques, our great markets are a vital part of retail in many cities, towns and villages.

“People like the vibrancy

and community spirit offered by markets, but digi tal technologies have had a huge effect on their buying behaviour. “Initiatives like the Google

Over the last five years, Google searches for ‘market near me’ have skyrocketed (Photo: Sasha Manuel)

Digital Garage show that digital technologies can also hold the answer, offering tailored advice and support to help stallholders evolve and giving communities greater access to discover a range of choice offered not just by their local market, but by markets across the UK.” Martin McTague, Policy Director at the Federation of Small Businesses added: “Small firms are an integral part of communities and local high streets, but risk being left behind unless they have the right digital skills to remain competitive, productive and responsive to their customers. “Our own research highlights that over a quarter of business owners in England lack confidence in their basic digital skills. Any attempts to improve the digital potential of small firms will be beneficial, helping create more world-beating businesses

The research also revealed some facts about comparative shopping habits:

• Looking at why they go to a market, 43 percent of millennials said “to eat”, whereas only 7 percent of those over 75 said the same.

• It appears the older generation is more interested in shopping (63 percent).

• Millennials selected fresh food (53 percent), food-to-go (42 percent), clothes (31 percent), and books (20 percent) as their primary purchases at their local market.

• This is in comparison to those aged 45 and over who are also buying groceries and fresh food (67 percent), but are more in favour of buying plants and flowers (35 percent) than food-to-go (28 percent).

• Only one in five (19 percent) of over 45s go to their local market to buy clothes. BRAY ASSOCIATES

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and boosting growth.” The Google Digital Garage

project is part of Google’s commitment to provide free digital skills training to businesses, entrepreneurs, students and individuals across the UK. Courses are open to all and range from intermediate to beginner level so anyone can take part. For more information

on the scheme visit MarketsTourUK

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