y friends and family are not surprised that I am always positive and a true “glass full” person- ality. I tend to always look to the bright side and see what good things I can derive from life. Some call this “Pollyanna-ish” but it’s a system that has always worked well for me. As I am getting older, I find it even more of a comfort. I have been listening to others who are aging as I am and have decided that this is a gift. In fact, Jane Fonda was recently on the “Ellen” show, and she made a very revealing comment now that she has turned 80. She said more of her life was behind her than in front and she has decided to stop sweating the small stuff. She added that it is time to let go of all those ideas that impede you from enjoy- ing every moment of every day. Think of the future in only a positive way and be thankful for every day that you awaken. Comprehend the idea that there are more things to do and that you still have challenges to face. Learn to celebrate living and to savour every moment that you can. After one of my friends heard me on CJNU, she com- mented that I had indeed re-invented myself by doing a radio show. I explained to her that it was an amazing challenge as well as a chance to express a different side of my personality. Truly, being on CJNU has been a great journey and I love every minute of it. Through my association with the station, I was kindly asked by

Positively positive M

Celebrate living and savour every moment

Dorothy Dobbie to write a monthly column for Life- styles 55 as well. So this has given me yet another outlet for my thoughts and ideas. I love to keep myself busy and com- mitted to living the best, fullest life that I can. I run into colleagues from various times in my career, whether it is work or volunteering, and I am shocked that so many of them seem to have retreated into a shell of loneliness and isolation. I prefer being out there, meeting new peo- ple and enjoying new experiences. I have never restricted my relationships based on age, economic or educational back- ground. Rather I take joy in the people I meet and learn about what makes them what they are.

Jim Pappas

I have been very lucky to have sus- tained many wonderful relationships over the years from a myriad of activi- ties. I am still as unfailingly upbeat as I ever was and love to sit and laugh and enjoy the moment with many different people. I have always had the role of “social organizer” amongst my friends and continue to do so, bringing them together to meet and greet one another. One of the ladies in our group tells my wife Barbra that she loves being my friend as I always have some adven- ture up my sleeve. She says I carry her along with my enthusiasm and positive perspective on life. I hope that she will continue to feel that as the years go by. Like most people, I have had my share of setbacks

More CJNU in the community Vocal Ascent concert May 6

Friends of Winnipeg Public Library books and brunch fundraiser May 6 at the Gates on Roblin

Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba’s fundraiser “A night at the pub” on Friday, April 27

and bad fortune but I do not dwell on it, but rather try to work past it and make the most of what is yet to come. My mother always said that there is more laugh- ter at funerals and more tears at weddings, and I have found that to be true. For when a family gathers after a death, people are looking back and laughing at what has transpired. There is a popular song called The Best Is Yet Come

and that is an anthem for all of us, to look forward with joy and anticipation to what is ahead of us. As seniors, we have so much to give to others and much to share. Our ideas, point of view and experiences can all be positive reinforcements that life is indeed worth liv- ing and worth living well at any age. To greet a new day with joy and anticipation is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves. At any age, we can be productive and fun to be with as well as amusing. As Auntie Mame said, “Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death.” Let’s all take this as a mantra to be positively positive as we move forward. Live and enjoy every day as if it were your last. Try that new restaurant. Have a cocktail that you never dared to drink before. Read a book that will amuse or edify you. Sing as you work, and gener- ally find every positive thing you can in each day. You will be surprised at how your days become bet- ter as you cleave to this point of view. No one wants to hear about your aches and pains anyway. So follow my lead and come over from the “glass half full” side and feel positively positive about your days. Jim Pappas is a board member of CJNU.

Vocal Ascent choir at St. Peter’s Anglican, May 6, “Distant Lands” – a travel of heart, mind and spirit.

Polish Folk Ensemble at Westminster United Church on April 29

“Spring Fling” John Osborn V.C. ANAF Unit # 1 on April 27

“A night at the pub” featuring the Celtic Country Band.

Gardening with Pembina Active Living 55+ on April 26

Three choirs presented traditional, contemporary and classical music in an impressive performance. Beauti- ful costumes and beautiful music.

1st Transcona Scout Hall’s “A Roof Over Our Heads” fundraising pancake breakfast April 28

Fun at the Good Neighbours Active Living Centre remote studio

Patio Pots for vegetables and flowers presentation with Bill Plantje of Bill’s Greenhouses on April 26.

Saint James lawn bowlers open house

Beautiful afternoon for many to enjoy a game. A good time was had by newbies and experienced play- ers. Worth the trip.

June 2018 13

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