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enjoyment to our summer even on the tightest of bud- gets. We can be tourists in our own city, and perhaps be even more refreshed and rejuvenated to rediscover the delights of our own community. Concerts at Millennium Centre

Each summer I make a list of local places or events to explore. One item I place on my list of sum- mer activities is the series of noon hour concerts at the Millennium Centre on Main Street. Starting on Tuesday, June 5, you can enjoy a free recital by some of the city’s finest musicians in a wonderful heritage setting. If you have never visited this turn of the century bank building, there is no bet- ter occasion than pairing the setting with wonderful music. The recitals start at noon, and they have be-

Trudy Schroeder Random Notes

come very popular, so arriving 15 minutes before noon is a good idea.

Backdoor Burger

On Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer months, the Fairmont Hotel offers a Backdoor Burger and Taco Tuesday opportunity to have a great box lunch from the Velvet Glove. On those two days they open their back door and invite the community to have a pic- nic on the plaza surrounding the Richardson Building. What a great way to enjoy lunch at this iconic corner in Winnipeg! Adding some creative amenities to this cor- ner completely changes the atmosphere at the corner of Portage and Main.

WSO in the city

On June 16 and 17 there will be a WSO in the City series of concerts that will take chamber music groups to various locations throughout the city. This will be an excellent way to explore the city of Winnipeg and hear great music in surprising locations. Once again, there is no cost for these concerts, and you can find the locations and times of the concerts at If you have an interest in discovering Winnipeg’s won- derful talent, you should not miss the WSO’s Commu- nity Summer Celebration at 7:30 p.m. on June 19. Once again, this concert is free of charge to the public, and it is a delightful way to hear the top young talent in the city and also celebrate the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Gail Asper will perform

This year, two special guests will be on the program:

Edmund Dawe, the dean of the DesAutels School of Music at the University of Manitoba performs with the WSO, and Gail Asper will also perform with the WSO. Tickets are free, but it would be wise to pick up your tickets in advance at the box office at the Centennial Concert Hall or online at If you have never heard the group The Bros. Landreth, you should make a point of attending their June 20 con- cert with the WSO. This is a fine and talented ensemble

The WSO escapes from the Concert Hall to perform around town over the summer.

with a folky/indie twist. Add their distinctive sound to the WSO, and you will experience magic. Playing on the Nonsuch

Two other amazing offerings by the WSO this sum-

mer include the opportunity to hear the WSO perform in the Planetarium on July 3 and on the Nonsuch on July 4. This is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Manitoba Museum. These are only a few of the many wonderful ways to

explore Winnipeg and enrich your summer experience without breaking the bank. Every weekend features a


festival, the parks are at their best, and bike paths, picnic sites, and cool patios abound. There is every reason to celebrate the season with mini vacations just around the corner. I’m making a list of not to be missed summer adven- I want to explore a minimum of one new (to


me) Winnipeg location every week from the first week in June until the Labour Day weekend. Join me in the summer challenge. Trudy Schroeder is the Executive Director of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

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The Nonsuch at the Manitoba Museum reopens to the public on June 8, and the WSO performs there on July 4.

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