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Army Command Sergeant Major to Lead in Orlando

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Eddie's Crabhouse Recognized as Oldest Restaurant in Chesapeake

Gala: Hampton University's 150th and Dr. William R. Harvey's 40th Anniversary

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Retired NSU Administrator Passes

Free May 2018

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Hampton Delta Foundation Presents Red and White Debutante Cotillion

(l-r) Sharon Johnson-Clayton, James “Fry Daddy” Richardson, Dr. Ella Ward and Mayor Richard W. West


The owner of Eddie's Bay

Australia, helping sister in her tax business Crabhouse

and More has been very busy lately. In addition to traveling to

Windsor during tax season and running for a seat on the City of Chesapeake's school board (she lost by less than 500 votes), Sharon Johnson- Clayton

recently proclamation received

her in

dishes and more. "Eddies Chesapeake Bay Crabhouse is the oldest restaurant in the City of Chesapeake and has built


a solid reputation leadership

of for

51 years as a good neighbor to this community;" the proclamation states.

a from Mayor

Richard W. West for being the oldest restaurant in the city of Chesapeake. Ms. John- son-Clayton purchased the restaurant in 1997 and with the help of her son, for whom the restaurant is named, she has successfully kept its doors open by providing delicious seafood

Ms. Johnson-Clayton enjoys interacting with both local


as those who travel to her restaurant from out-of-town. "I am always humbled by the number of customers who visit us every time they are in town. We are the first stop and the last stop out of town. They have to have our world famous crabs and seafood. We try to

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Beef Products Recalled Why College Graduates Should Consider Entrepreneurship Grants for STEM, Computer Science Education

Hampton Roads Upcoming Events Scholarships Watch

Tax Relief Program Accepting Applications Safety and Justice Discussion at VBPL Honda Scholarship Program

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three major consumer credit

reporting companies — Experian, Equifax and TransUnion — have new standards to enhance the quality of the credit reports they produce. The changes are in response to a 2015 legal settlement requiring action by these companies to reduce errors on credit reports. Incorrect or outdated negative information on a credit report can adversely affect a consumer's ability to borrow money under the most favorable

Photo courtesy of Hampton Delta Foundation, Incorporated

Officers and co-chairs: (Seated left to Right) Patsy Sheppard, Vice-President; Margo Young- Wiggins, President; Avery Elle Brown-Renfro, Queen; Evelyn Anderson, Treasurer; Jean Roach, Financial Secretary; and Barbara Savage, Assistant Treasurer; (Standing Left to Right) Brenda Fowlkes, Recording Secretary; Dr. Andria Chapman-Taliaferro, Corresponding Secretary; Alexis Swann, Parliamentarian; Vivian Blake, Assistant Recording Secretary; and Alice Holley Brower, Chaplain.

The Fourteenth Annual Red and White

Cotillion was a success. Eleven high school juniors and seniors were presented to society as debutantes. Each debutante will receive

a college scholarship. The Hampton Delta Foundation, Incorporated thanks the Hampton Roads community for their continued support of the organization's public service efforts.

as well New Standards for Credit Report

Accuracy May Help Consumers terms, so it is important to make sure the information is correct.

When consumers apply for a loan

or a credit card, the lender's approval and interest rate provided are determined in part by information contained in credit reports, as well as credit

scores. Credit reports

summarize an individual's credit history — for example, how many credit accounts were opened in recent years and whether bills are paid on time. Credit scores are developed by scoring companies, such as FICO (the Fair Isaac Corporation), based on repayment history and other information included in credit reports. The higher a person's credit scores, the more likely he or she is to qualify for credit, rental housing, insurance and, in certain circumstances, employment. That's why it is important that the information in a credit report is complete and accurate.

2017, Experian, Equifax and TransUnion began removing tax liens

In response to the settlement in July (a

on the assets of a delinquent and civil


legal claim taxpayer)

debts (court-ordered CREDIT REPORT PAGE 4

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