APRIL 27 - MAY 10, 2018 Home from ‘Home’ for market

A Lincolnshire town’s indoor market looks set to relocate to a former British Home Stores (BHS) building in the town centre, local media has reported. Council chiefs in Scunthorpe

are hopeful that the proposed move will encourage more visitors to come to the town to shop. Plans by North Lincolnshire Council to move Scunthorpe Market to The Parishes shop- ping centre’s old BHS unit, which closed in July 2016, were discussed with traders in a meeting earlier this month. The meeting followed a consultation exercise which was undertaken in the autumn. Council leader Rob Waltham told local media the plans unveiled at the meeting would create a new, modern indoor market. “The former BHS store is a

terrific location, close to the bus station where footfall is high and in the heart of the town’s retail offer,” he said. “Also, we hope that the

new market will help support other retailers to take up units in the area. “We have been through an

extensive business planning process and relocating the market to BHS provides best value for local taxpayers, whilst also keeping the current market trading.” During the consultation

period there was considerable opposition to relocating the market and a 20,000-name petition was presented to the council and to Parliament. But according to the authority the existing market building would need a multi- million pound refurbishment in order to meet the current required standards.

The council also pointed

out that traders would have to move to a temporary facility or cease trading while work took place on the existing market building, while the relocation plan would mean trading could continue at the existing site until the new facility is ready to open. Mr Waltham added: “There

is a lot of work to do, but now we have a location we can work with traders on the detail.” The Parishes shopping

centre has been hit by a number of store closures in recent years, with BHS, HMV and H&M among the big names that have moved out. However, last year the council revealed plans for £60m of investment in the town centre, and Mr Waltham expressed his hope that relocating the market would also benefit the wider business community. He said: “Our stated aim

is to bring more visitors into Scunthorpe. “We are one of the only

councils in the country to offer free car parking, and hundreds of thousands of visits prove how this is supporting our local economy and providing a free offer to our residents. “Now we are keen to

continue to support more employment and business opportunities in and around the town centre. “We are determined to

transform the town centre into a successful retail, education, employment and leisure destination. “Most of the town centre investment will come from businesses; the council is a

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small but instrumental player in improving the town. “However, this investment

Scunthorpe Market looks set to be relocated to the town’s ex-BHS unit Mixed reaction

sends out a clear message that we are serious about increasing prosperity in North Lincolnshire.” The council leader added

that he hoped the success of the recent relocation of nearby Ashby Market would be replicated following the Scunthorpe Market move. “If people doubt our

ambitions I would point them in the direction of Ashby. The investment there and the subsequent move has regenerated the area. “We have a waiting list of traders wanting to be part of it. That’s what we want to do with the new market in Scunthorpe.”

In the market for art

When Huddersfield’s Queensgate Market was built it was one of the most contemporary buildings in the country, so it’s perhaps fitting that contemporary artwork is now being displayed in vacant spaces around the market there.

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The move is part of a scheme set up by market traders, Kirklees Council and the School of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Huddersfield. The project, called

Temporary Contemporary, is transforming vacant stalls into gallery spaces where students, lecturers, local artists and creative businesses can showcase their artistic talents. As the scheme evolves, it is planned that other smaller

projects and spaces will pop up around the market, such as a central kiosk where people can find out about what’s going on in Huddersfield and beyond. Trader Howard Fanning told

local media: “This partnership is an innovative approach which should be enjoyed by many people, and one which will be of great benefit to the town centre, the public, traders in the market and the students alike.”

News of the plans for the market has so far been met with a mixed reaction. Scunthorpe MP Nic Dakin

told local media: “It is good that the council are finally sharing their ideas to market traders and market customers. “It could be that what

is being suggested might work, but there needs to be proper dialogue with all key stakeholders to explore the opportunities and the risks. “It will only work if the

council treat the traders and customers properly and talk things properly through with them.” Len Foster, leader of the opposition Labour group on North Lincolnshire Council, claimed that the consultation had been a sham and that the decision to move the market and clear the existing site had been made before the process began. “It is a business decision

as far as the council are concerned,” he told local media. “It is nothing to do with the continuation of the market.” Scunthorpe trader Jeff

Sewell said he was positive about the proposed relocation, but admitted that the stallholders were “pretty much split between those that are happy and those that are unhappy”. “This is the first step,” he

told local media. “There needs to be more consultation.

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each trader needs, how each trader fits into the building and how the building needs to be redesigned. “I have already had three

or four phone calls from other traders who are happy. “We are thankful for the public support,” he added.

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