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Maine Coastal News Volume 31 Issue 4 April 2018 FREE Ready for the 2018 Lobster Boat Racing Season?

Brent Oliver's JARSULAN 4 leading Jeff Eaton's LA BELLA VITA and NYA & GIANNA up the course at the Stonington races last year.

ROCKPORT – The Maine Lobster Boat Racing Association held a brief meeting at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum at the Samoset Resort on 3 March. Usually this meeting is extremely brief, but this year there was a question about the defi nition of a working boats, which stemmed from a change at the Annual Awards Meeting last October. The first order of business was

announcing the offi cers of the Association and recognizing the sponsors, who make this all possible. Next up was to cover the changes to

the rules. These were passed at the Annual Awards Meeting. The fi rst rule change was to eliminate the mandatory second person in the skiff races. Now the only exception to this is in regards to age and those under 18 must have that second person in their boat. The only other rule change came in Gasoline Class E where one can now use nitrous. As for the Classes, there was a change

in the Diesel Classes adding Class O, which is for strictly race boats. Now how do we determine what a race boat is and it was suggested that it be the boat you make your living from and at the fall meeting that was accepted. However, this would be unfair to the boats that are lobster boats and conform to the rules and are not


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strictly a racing machine. The proposed change was to judge the boat, not the operator. The race boats wondered if they would still be allowed to race in the free- for-alls and the fastest lobster boat races and yes, they would. The only exception would be the venues that do break out working and non-working boats for the fastest lobster boat title. However, they do have a race for those the non-working boats. After a brief discussion this was passed.

People love seeing photographs

and videos of lobster boat racing on the internet and a brief conversation took place with Terry Boivin at John’s Bay Boat Company’s launch in November about using a drone. He liked the idea and did attend the Forum meeting, but was suff ering from a severe cold. So following the meeting Travis Otis and Jon Johansen met with him and he has agreed to cover the races and will be at Boothbay and Rockland. After those two races he will determine a nominal fee to do this for us. The only thing we had to promise is that he is the only drone at the events he covers and this was more about safety for his drone.

Following the meeting at the Forum,

the Hall of Fame committee (Dana Beal, Brent Fogg, Jon Johansen, Wayne Rich,

and Nick Wiberg) sat and discussed who should be placed in the Hall of Fame this year and since we did not meet in 2016 and 2017 we would elect a person for those years too. Those already in the Hall of Fame are: 2012: Gus Alley; Benny Beal; Isaac

Beal; Merle Beal; Richard Duff y; Jerry Farrin; Will Frost; Corliss Holland; Ernest Libby, Jr.; Young Brothers (Arvin, Arvid and Colby). 2013: Andrew Gove; Fred Lenfesty;

Brian Robbins; Lewis Stewart; David Taylor

2014: Calvin Beal, Jr.; Jim Preston;

Sid Eaton 2015: Osmond Beal; Bill Hallinan; Glenn Holland Names were bouncing around and

a number of discussions took place on several people that have raced or been part of the racing scene in the past. For 2016 Clive Farrin and Bert Frost were selected; for 2017: Donn Page and Spencer Lincoln; and for 2018: Keith Young and Richard Weaver.

Rumours: There are always rumours

floating around and this year is no different. WILD WILD WEST has a new propeller that should allow them to harness more of the power. Will she be able to break her own record? Galen

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Alley’s FOOLISH PLEASURE, the holder of the gasoline record, has not been out since 2015. Late this winter Galen sold the engine to Jeremy Beal, who plans to put it in a Crowley 28, and the gear went to Shawn Alley. FOOLISH PLEASURE is also for sale, but I have not heard if anyone has purchased her and plans to come racing. Heather Thompson’s GOLD DIGGER is rumoured to be going better and she expects to be at a lot more races this season. There are a number of new boats this year, but have not heard if any plan to come racing yet.

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