Choosing a pharmacist requires careful thought to get the best service


our local pharmacist is often your most accessible health care provider. Having a personal rela-

tionship where you are more than just a number is an important part of your overall health care. If they know you, your pharmacist can point out prescrip- tion conflicts, advise on supplements and even indicate when it may be in your best interest to see your doctor. These issues were foremost in the minds of Ryan Buffie and Kris Petersen, pharmacists who met at the University of Manitoba in the late 1990s, when they opened Assiniboine Pharmacy almost three years ago. They wanted to bring

the small town feel to the big city. The premise was and still is simple – make sure people they serve feel at home. The idea of big, corporate pharmacies void of vital relationships and the subse- quent trust it forms between pharmacist and patient, wasn’t where they wanted to be. “We were working for corporate

stores and getting frustrated with the top-down nature of them,” Ryan said. “We wanted to focus on relationships with patients instead of dollars and pre- scription counts. That was our main driver in wanting to open our own phar- macy.” He felt strongly that a personal

The pressures of work, family and just everyday life have gotten to the point that it affects almost everyone, every- where and in every walk of life. We may look at the young mom who gets to stay at home with her kids as a cushy lifestyle that’s full of joy, while she is wondering how she’s going to get through her next sleepless night. And what is a bearable work- load for one person may cause an anxiety attack in their co-worker. The Mayo Clinic

lists body • Headache

• Muscle tension or pain • Chest pain • Fatigue

• Change in sex drive • Stomach upset • Sleep problems Common effects of stress on your


• Anxiety • Restlessness

• Lack of motivation or focus • Feeling overwhelmed • Irritability or anger • Sadness or depression Common effects of stress on your behavior • Overeating or undereating • Angry outbursts • Drug or alcohol abuse • Tobacco use • Social withdrawal • Exercising less often Sound familiar? But how do we deal

with stress? We can’t just quit our job or ignore our families. I admit to not handling stress in my own life very well. I can remember as a child throw- ing up just before I had to sing a solo in

Daily dose: L-theanine W

e all know that stress can af- fect us physically but how seriously do we really take it?

touch, whether it be a friendly voice on the other line rather than an automated machine, or having enough pharmacists on staff to make themselves readily avail- able to each patient when needed, goes a long way.

“One rule of thumb we have is that if

church or feeling sick about starting a new school year. Experts have come up with some things that we can do to reduce our stress and I have been try- ing to incorporate them into my life for the last few decades.


meditation and healthy relationships are all ben- eficial to our mental well- being but often that just isn’t enough. So is there anything out there that is safe and beneficial to re- lieve our stress levels? I have recently come

Heather Klein Real Life Aging

these common symptoms of too much stress: Common effects of stress on your

across a supplement called L-theanine, an ami- no acid found in green tea. If you drink a lot of green tea you are already

reaping the benefits of this beneficial amino acid but it can also be taken as a supplement. I have spoken to numer- ous doctors about the anxiety-relieving powers it has as well as the added ben- efit of increased focus and alertness, and they all recommended it as an addition to my daily vitamin regiment. L-theanine

has other benefits as

well. Using L-theanine for sleep is a good option due to the safety factors. L-theanine side effects are pretty much non-existent, especially compared with other compounds that people use to help with sleep. Numerous studies have found that

there is a very real positive connection between L-theanine and caffeine.


seems that L-theanine is able to coun- teract some of the “negative” effects of caffeine – including the jitteriness and caffeine-related anxiety.

I have yet to see a negative side effect listed and have even heard of people who give this to their stressed-out pets! Given the harmful effects of stress on our bodies, this supplement is an easy pill to swallow, and I for one am going to keep it in my arsenal of daily doses! For more conversation on healthy aging please visit us on twitter @reallifeaging or

Real progress for healthcare. Budget 2018

Keeping our promises.

Budget 2018 reflects the concerns, hopes and priorities of Manitobans.

Priorities like healthcare…

• Funding for Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living is $6.2 billion – the highest level of funding in Manitoba history

• Spending for the Home Cancer Drug Program will increase by almost $14 million

• $7.7 million for expanded dialysis treatment • Reduced ambulance fees • Funding for 60 new full-time paramedic positions

Find out what Budget 2018 means to you at

April 2018

MB Finance – Budget 2018 – Health Care PO #4501076438

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you don’t know your pharmacist’s first name, you don’t really have a good rela- tionship with them,” Kris said. “We really try to emphasize getting to know people on a first name basis.” The two believe any pharmacy should have knowledge- able staff, people who will take the time to answer any and all questions, and if an answer isn’t readily available, will work with the patient to find it. Another cause for concern is where the pharmacy is manned by several as- sistants and only one pharmacist. As well, often even these assistants change frequently. It can mean that the phar- macist is stretched thin and may not be able to put in the time needed with each patient. Perhaps most important, a

pharmacist should always speak with a patient who is receiving a medication for the first time.

Another way this young, personalized pharmacy differs from the chain is that it offers a wide range of services, from a VIP program, free prescription delivery and parking and multiple ways to refill prescriptions, including online and even via an app. Kris is a board-certified ge- riatric pharmacist who specializes in ge- riatric pharmacy, while Ryan’s expertise involves travel, health and Sigvaris com- pression stocking consultations. If you’re thinking of switching phar- macies, they want you to know that transferring prescriptions is free and is as easy as a phone call. Assiniboine Phar- macy is happy to assist. Their hours are Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. To find out more, call 204-615-1144 or visit Assini- boine Pharmacy at Unit D - 3111 Portage Ave.

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