Tours – Get Out And About Birds Hill Park:

Nimowin Trail Guided Walk Experience the peacefulness of this beautiful trail in Birds Hill Park on a guided walk. A park inter- preter will lead our group along the trail, pointing out interesting facts about the wildlife and plants along the trail.

Half Pints Brewery

With a rise in microbreweries, have you ever wondered how beer is made? Tour the facility to see how beer is made and finish off in the Taproom for some samplings!

Manitoba Electrical Museum Learn the story of hydroelectric development in Manitoba from 1870 to today. This unique mu- seum guides visitors through the safe use of electricity and how electrical energy works. Travel

through the pre-electricity days of the late 1800s, discover the begin- nings of hydroelectric power, and find out about Manitoba’s first uses of electricity and much more!

Death of Stalin Creative Retirement Manitoba Spring Program

Jump into spring with our selection of courses tours and clubs! We have something for everyone. Get a copy of our full Spring Guide at your local library or Safeway store, or pick one up at our location at 1075 Portage Avenue. Or visit our website at

Towards the end of his life Stalin was the undisputed master of half of the world. He was above any law, he was the law.

Foxes at the Arctic’s Edge Explore the interactions among Arctic foxes and their prey near Churchill, Manitoba, on the west edge of Hudson Bay, where boreal forest transitions to Arctic tundra.

ond largest aviation museum in Canada.

St. Boniface Walking Tour

Find out about the people, the buildings and events that have shaped today’s Old St. Boniface. Discover the unique architec-

ture, atmosphere and charm of a vibrant community that reflects both the determination and Joie de vivre of Franco-Manitobans.

Classes – Learn Something New

A Feast For The Eyes: Food, Flowers and Art This series of presentations will give a historical overview of the use of food, flowers and other objects in paintings.

Morden’s Chocolate Party Join us for a visit to Morden’s Chocolates! Each guest will

receive a tray filled with candy, snacks and a tub each of milk and white chocolate for dipping and drizzling!

St. John’s Cathedral and Cemetery

Built on the banks of the Red River in Winnipeg’s North End, St. John’s Cathedral is the birth- place of the Anglican Church in Western Canada. Come explore the cemetery and cathedral in this guided tour.

Prairie Settlements Tour Join us for the Prairie Settlements bus tour! First stop a guided tour and lunch at the Iberville Hut- terite Colony, located just west of Winnipeg. Last stop of the tour will be to Fort la Reine Museum which is home to 28 unique heritage sites that will leave you breathless!

Royal Canadian Aviation Museum

Come tour the Royal Canadian Aviation Museum! It is the sec-


The Royal Canadian Mint Have you ever wondered how money is made? Join us for an interactive, guided tour featuring displays and a behind-the-scenes look at the Royal Canadian Mint’s state-of-the-art facilities here in Winnipeg.

West End Biz Mural Tour Join us for The West End Biz Mu- ral Tour. The West End has one of the largest collections of outdoor murals in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Police Museum Join us at the Winnipeg Police Museum located in the new police headquarters building and see the many artifacts related to the his- tory of the Winnipeg Police Force, dating from its beginning in 1874.

Astana: Architecture, Myth, and Destiny

What do Walt Disney, King Ar- thur, and the Illuminati have in common? Find out in this new book and talk by Dr Frank Albo.

The History of the Broadway Musical

Do you love Broadway? Theatre and music lover, Ron Robinson will lead this musical journey with examples galore.

The Landscape of the Canadian Prairies

This course takes a historical ap- proach to an examination of the Canadian prairie landscape. After a brief review of the surprisingly diverse physical geography of the prairies, it moves on to a consider- ation of the human impact.

Vision and Nutrition Can Nutrition help age related vi- sion deterioration?

Down Size Your House and Upsize Your Lifestyle!

This presentation will provide information so you are well- in- formed, prepared and equipped to navigate the complexities of a downsizing move

Estate Planning

Join Ken Nolin, Executive Finan- cial Consultant of Nolin & Associ- ates Private Wealth Management, Investors Group Financial Services Inc., as he covers a wide range of issues facing Canadians as they be- gin to develop and maintain their estate plan.

Hands on Internet Genealogy This is an introduction to estab- lished web sites which will help genealogists in their research.

Travel to India

Discover the delights of India with Dr. Nandita Selvanathan as she introduces us to the history, culture and tastes of her home land

April 2018

Myth, Minos and Europe’s First Great Civilization Discover the first great European civilization with Dr. Robert Gold.

Innovation against Infectious Disease at Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory This talk by the head of Winni- peg’s “Virology Lab” is focussed on how the lab is science ready to face off against the evolution of disease- causing microbes.

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