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In the January issue I wrote about how proud I was of my podiatry colleague Ben Lumley, having a new NHS role as the Lead Musculoskeletal Podiatrist within Carlisle Hospital and that role will enable him to administer steroidal injections.

The Podiatry Department within Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, who employ Ben, have requested that I retract that information and correct it to: “Ben Lumley is the Advanced Musculoskeletal Podiatrist within Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and he has completed the steroid injection course and still has 8 more of the 10 mentored procedures remaining in order to provide Steroid Injections unsupervised as a Podiatrist.”

Adele Holmes, Cockermouth Podiatry and Chiropody Serious lack of expertise!

I comment upon Judy Whiteside’s latest submission regarding the Strawberry How development and its progression.


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Cockermouth W.I. are pleased to be able to invite you to a Ladies Day with The Tipsy Filly, on Sunday 13th May, at Cockermouth Rugby Club, Strawberry How from 2.00pm until 5.00pm.

Tickets are limited and cost £20.00 and can be obtained by contacting 07747 298 640.

The event will include an entertaining and informative demonstration from Helen Askew, on how to make fabulous cocktails which you can sample. Drinks will be accompanied by hand-made canapés.

Our aim is to entertain you throughout the afternoon and proceeds will go to Hospice at Home West Cumbria.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our unique and generous local businesses for supporting this event.

Discerning Ladies of the town and local area, we look forward to seeing on the day in your gladrags!

If you are interested in joining our vibrant and diverse membership, please visit us on the first Monday of every month at the Methodist Hall on Lorton street from 7.15pm, or contact Jane by emailing

We look forward to seeing you soon. Yvonne Lambert

ISSUE 424 | 22 MARCH 2018 | 6

In the past, there have been very few developments throughout the country being subjected to the revocation of planning. This is regardless of insanity in its conception due to the puerile thinking and behaviour on the part of statuary authorities. In this instance, the Environmental Agency and Allerdale Borough Council.

My observations are based upon the cost for revocation of planning and the cost of taking any enforcement action against the offending parties who employ costly legal representation to endorse their cover-ups and misprisions.

Everyone in the area knows that Strawberry How was never ripe for development due to the flooding except the councillors who sanctioned the development and the Environment Agency, due to the serious lack of experience on the subject matter of flooding. Both are culpable for misrepresentation which has been obvious to the populace from the start. This is a case of children being allowed to play with matches without any supervision.

I have first-hand knowledge of how devious some statutory authorities can be and the result of their misprisions. Bassenthwaite Lake is a prime example of this with the loss of the Vendace fish, despite many warnings, and the so- called authorities now trying to redeem the cesspit which now exists through maladministration.

Carson Straughton

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