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COUNTRY MARKET NEWS It’s almost Easter weekend. Don’t forget to buy eggs!

Cockermouth Country Market will be open on THURSDAY 29th March, instead of the normal Friday, as our URC venue is needed for Good Friday services.

Your local Market plans to stop using one-use-plastics. We already wrap nearly all our items using cellophane (a plant- derived material which is bio-degradable) but intend to bring this to fully-biodegradable for all one-use packages. We have fabric shopping bags available to buy, if you don’t already have enough of these useful items.

We are one place you can be guaranteed home-made, home- grown, and home-crafted items. Visit us to see what we have! We’re open 9.00am-12.30pm on Fridays.

ALL WELCOME! THE COCKERMOUTH POST 12,800 copies to your door We Deliver!

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Looking for a Hall for a Wedding, Birthday or Seminar?

• Fully equipped kitchen able to cater for 100 people

• Disabled access and facilities • Sound & Loop systems • £9.00 per hour

Enquiries & Bookings Contact Chris 01768776697 Embleton & District Community Hall Trust are Big lottery funded

Friday’s are Café-Bar night. Pizza and Beer


I was checking through the BBC Website the other day and I clicked on a link to see what’s in season in March. I do this a lot as I can never remember. Apart from Kale and avocados being everywhere, I’m simply not in tune and need a good reminder from time- to-time. I know lamb is going to be belting at Easter time and I always seem to have a good idea of asparagus season - that’s because I’m a huge fan. Everything else tends to pass me by.

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So, what’s around in March? Lots of shellfish apparently. I love shellfish. Some of my best memories of being on holiday in France involve plates of ‘Fruits de Mer’ which involves prawns, mussels, whelks, cockles, sometimes crab, sometimes lobster, sometimes things which have no name but taste delicious. All served with garlic mayonnaise, big quarters of lemon and washed down with a crisp Muscadet.

Purple sprouting broccoli should be hitting the shelves soon. Basically, it’s teenage broccoli, I love it lightly fried in butter. You can serve it with anything, but it works wonderfully-well with fish.

Venison is in season now apparently. I always think I should like it more than I do. Its wonderfully lean but somehow, I’m always a little disappointed. Maybe it’s too lean to taste that good.

Finally, guess what else is in season? Kale! I don’t understand the fuss to be honest. I much prefer a decent cabbage. I think it’s the texture that puts me off. It’s just a bit too much. It’s in fashion and its big, green and trendy. Surely, some scientist is working on a kale-avocado hybrid? A ‘kalvacado’ or something. You heard it here first!

Andy and Angela The Coffee Kitchen

ISSUE 424 | 22 MARCH 2018 | 51

There are lots of tempting Easter- themed products in the shops now – well some appeared not long after Christmas! Most of them are designed to give a fun, spring-like mood with lots of flowers, chicks and bunnies. Easter eggs come in every size, from teeny-tiny to humongous. I notice that the egg- sized ones now come by the half dozen in egg boxes – what a clever way to make you buy more. Most are hollow, some with other chocolates inside, some have creamy, sugary fillings and some of the smallest ones are solid with a sugar shell.

Whilst I find it sad that a joyous Christian festival has become an excuse to sell us heaps of sugary stuff, you can enjoy a healthier Easter without saying no to all Easter eggs or chocolate. Instead, aim for quality. It’s certainly true that cheap, high-sugar, chemical-laden chocolate, consumed in large quantities, is going to damage your health. White chocolate isn’t chocolate at all. Dark chocolate (>70%) is best. It’s got a lower sugar content than milk chocolate and is good for you in moderation - check out my December article.

What about buying some chocolate egg moulds, so you

can have a go at making your own Easter eggs? Here are my efforts; I’m sure you could do better!

Another fun activity with the kids is dying boiled, hens’ eggs. Use onion skins or dandelion flowers, put them around an egg, wrap in a piece of cloth, tie with string and boil for 10 minutes. You’ll get beautiful effects and you can eat the highly nutritious egg.

Top tips – Go easy on the chocolate eggs. Happy Easter!

Jackie Wilkinson - Nutrition Coaching 077824 77364

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