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Lakeland Care prides itself on ‘Making Time for Care’ by providing the best personal and social care for residents and acting as a key part of the extended family to ensure a bespoke support for each resident’s family and friends

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It’s all full steam ahead at Lakeland Care, as we continue to build on our long experience to develop new service offerings and exceed market expectations. Whilst we are always taking every opportunity to refurbish, redecorate and renew, with the replacement of baths for wet room showers in en-suite bathrooms for example, we are also now putting a programme in place to ensure that our staff take more of a key role in driving forward our care and quality standards.

A key part of this initiative, will be to give all staff, Carers and Support Staff alike, the opportunity to take on more responsibility for ensuring the best of practice in key areas of care and ‘hotel’ services. Our plan is to draw from the staffing groups of each Home to create ‘Champions’ or ‘Ambassadors of Excellence’ for individual key areas of care and safety. In addition to our established mandatory training that maintains practice updates in all key areas, these ‘Champions’ will be expected to take a lead role in passing on their knowledge and expertise to colleagues in their specialist areas. One innovation regarding infection control involves the supply of ‘Bug Busting’ handwashing points that use ultra violet scanners to check for correct handwashing procedures.

We will also be looking to increase the active involvement of our residents in developments in service provision and in the general facilities and physical environments provided by our Homes. We will be introducing ‘Tasting Panels’ to help update menu’s and we will also explore the levels of interest that there might be for enhancing family hospitality and entertainment areas. For example, at Holmewood in Cockermouth, we will be adding a bar area where residents can relax with visitors and enjoy a quiet drink together.

During the next two months, we will be replacing our minibus with a state-of-the-art vehicle, in time for a full summer programme of outings and excursions.

We look forward to announcing more updates over the coming months, as we strive to ensure that our Homes play an essential part in their local communities and can be regarded by everybody, whether residents or not, as a key community asset for the benefit of all.

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Many patients attend my practice desperate to rid themselves of longstanding VERRUCA.

Following new studies, I have recently returned to using DRY NEEDLING.

Needling for verruca is a surgical procedure and has been used for over 40 years. First described in 1966 by Gordon Falknor, an American podiatrist.

Verruca are essentially a collection of skin cells infected by the human papova virus. These infected cells remain in the outer layers of the skin (dermis), away from detection by the body’s immune system which is more active in the deeper layers (dermis); this explains why verruca can be

so resilient.

The needling procedure is carried out painlessly, under local anaesthetic. A needle is used to repeatedly puncture the verruca. The aim of this is to implant the virus into the deeper layers where it is quickly detected by the immune system and an immune response is stimulated. Recent studies have shown Verruca Dry Needling has a success rate of approximately 70%. As with all verruca treatments, results cannot be guaranteed.

The images are of a verruca I recently treated. Top picture is before needling and lower picture is 4 days post-op.

Adele ISSUE 424 | 22 MARCH 2018 | 32

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