Simple Steps to Spring Clean your Diet

New Spring Guide Programme 28-Day Spring Clean: Starts 16th April

With a focus on improving all aspects of digestion, promoting weight loss, improving skin clarity and balancing hormones this programme will ensure you start the summer feeling energetic and radiant. You’ll discover how unrefined nutrient-rich foods can radically

improve both your physical and mental health so you feel happier in your own skin and totally revitalised.

During the winter, motivation to eat well often dwindles so now is the perfect time to spring clean your diet. Not through restrictive fasting or juice cleansing but by replenishing the nutrients that support the body’s natural ability to restore itself.

Whilst it is often necessary to remove some obstacles to good health my focus is always on nourishing the body. Here are my top tips to help you spring into the new season!

• Stabilise Blood Sugar – many people have no idea that the way they eat may cause their blood sugar levels to spike up and down all day long. They believe it’s normal to feel drowsy after lunch and in need of something sweet by mid- afternoon! Just by adding complex carbs and protein to each meal, eating regularly and avoiding high sugar foods will help to balance blood sugar levels.

April Drop-in Yoga Classes

Fierce Warrior Flow: Tuesday 3rd & 10th April, 6.00pm Fire up your practise with warrior energy and let your creative inner

yogi shine as you immerse yourself in flowing sequences set against a backdrop of inspiring music, guaranteed to bring new energy to your practise this spring!

Liquid Flow Yoga: 4th & 11th April, 6. 30pm

Creatively choreographed and embracing the freedom of movement, these classes offer seamless, flowing sequences with an emphasis on graceful movement that feels good. You’ll find that resistance

dissolves as you immerse yourself in your practise and deepen your mind-body connection.

Yoga Conditioning for Athletes: 5th & 12th April 6.30pm Your full-body “MOT” starts here! I’ll be covering fundamental approaches to caring for the “athletic body” focussing on the muscles most prone to overuse and core strengthening.

Tel: 07712 531365│Email:


• Optimise Gut Health – no one should put up with “gut misery” or regularly require over-the-counter remedies to manage symptoms that “scream” all is not well in the GI department; these include acid reflux, stomach pain, constipation and bloating. Removing all processed and sugary foods is a priority but if symptoms persist I will often recommend diagnostic testing – so often this provides vital clues!

• Count Nutrients not Calories – extreme dieting can lead to nutrient deficiencies so Instead of focussing on calories, I prefer to critically appraise food with a simple question “how can you nourish me?” and look for foods that can “tick the most boxes” - vitamins, minerals and protein or quality carbs or fats.

• Ditch “Addictive” Foods/drinks – these can be defined as anything you feel you couldn’t live without or crave; key culprits include bread, cheese, sweet foods, salty and fatty combos (e.g. crisps), alcohol and caffeine. You’ll likely know if you are addicted to something but admitting it is harder and giving up harder still!

Yes change is hard so if you feel in need of some support, a guided nutritional coaching programme may be just what you need!

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