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Listening Ear

Project Cockermouth Dementia Friendly Community

Cockermouth Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) invites you to our official launch event to celebrate working towards making Cockermouth a dementia friendly community

WHERE? Friends Meeting House

kirkgate, Cockermouth CA13 9PH WHEN?

Friday 27th April, 10.00am - 12 noon Refreshments are available


Find out more about what we have already achieved, where we are going and how you might help us!

We would like to invite you to our launch to tell you about what we have done so far and how you can get involved. We’ll keep it informal and short because we know you are busy but we’d love to hear your ideas and answer any questions. Whether you are an individual resident of Cockermouth, a professional worker, a volunteer or a business or organisation wanting to become more understanding of and friendly to people living with dementia then we’d love to meet you.

Information, speakers, free refreshments, stalls

To confirm your attendance, please email or tel: 01900 706013


Our outstanding Care Service is recruiting. Care workers needed in all areas. One of the highest hourly rates in Care Mileage and travel time paid. Walkers & Drivers can apply. Please call 01900 872030 to speak to our lovely people in the office


a smoke-free generation in Cumbria by 2022

We would like to see everyone across organisations, voluntary & community groups pledging to do at least one thing to help people to stop smoking and help achieve our vision for a smoke free Cumbria.

What can we do?

•Create completely smoke free spaces, such as around your work site, playgrounds etc, have smoke free


•Staff can complete free e-learning around helping people who want to quit.

‘If you don’t smoke, don’t start vaping; if you do smoke, stop altogether if you can - and our pharmacies can help; and if you can’t stop, or don’t want to - switch to vaping’

14th March 2018 was National ‘No Smoking Day’

Let’s join together and help smokers to quit!

Text : pharmacy stop your postcode to 80011 to find your nearest trained pharmacist who can offer smoking cessation.

NHS choices – for self-help ISSUE 424 | 22 MARCH 2018 | 20 FREE COOKERY COURSE

Cockermouth WI members are offering free cookery courses from April 2018.

The courses will be held at The Hub, Market Place, Cockermouth stating in April. Everyone is welcome. The sessions will be partly demand led based on what the attendees would like to learn but will also include advice on good food hygiene and how to reduce food waste.

For more details or to book your place please contact Jo Crozier on 01900 386380 or email

Castlegate & Derwent Surgery are working in partnership with the clergy – Reverend Godfrey Butland and Reverend Canon Wendy Sanders to launch a new service called the Listening Ear Project. GP’s will signpost people who need someone to talk to. It should be up and running in April and further information will be in the next surgery newsletter.


The Dance and Parkinson’s group is managed through the offices of the West Cumbria Parkinson’s society and it is open to all who are managing the Parkinson’s condition and those whose lives have been affected by this.

The general idea is to enjoy moving to music, learning to dance and dancing some easy social dances such as social foxtrot, waltz and cha cha cha. They keep everything light and group members join in as much as they feel able on any given day. They have a great team of dancers who partner and join in the fun which is all designed to help keep everyone moving with style.

Every Wednesday in the King’s Church hub in market place (formally Riversmeet). Doors open from 2.30pm and the class starts at 3.00pm ending 4.15pm.

West Cumbria Parkinson’s Group collect £2 per session, tea and coffee provided.

Call for more information Gill Greenhalgh: 01900 826500

West Cumbria Parkinson’s Society: 01900 825058


Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats facing us today.

Visit today and choose one simple pledge about how you’ll make better use of antibiotics and help save these vital medicines from becoming obsolete.


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