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Why would you leave the family’s assets unprotected? It seems a simple question and yet there are many people in Cumbria who haven’t taken the basic steps to protect their assets. It is called Estate or Inheritance Planning. It need not be complicated or expensive and yet, if unprotected, these assets can be largely taken in the form of care fees, legal profession fees and taxes. A Will, though necessary, only becomes relevant once someone has died. By then, with no appropriate planning, an estate can have substantially disappeared already.

Dementia patients now occupy 25% of hospital beds and Cumbria’s Care Homes are full of people who ‘never thought it would happen to me’. Many are paying in the region of £800 a week in fees, whilst others, who may have vastly greater assets but who have done some inheritance planning, are not.

Through encouraging people to get on with some planning I hope I am reducing the amount of family anguish in Cumbria arising from the loss of substantial parts of estates unnecessarily. I will visit you at a convenient time in your own home and provide honest unbiased advice having carefully listened to your wishes. I keep the process of the creation of appropriate documents as straightforward as possible. All documentation is produced by Co-op Legal Services who are fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The Co- op 5% reward back to you and 1% to local charities applies. Lifetime insured storage of all documents, including deeds and trust documents, comes included. Estate Planning is common sense. The peace of mind it creates for all the family is priceless.

PS: The Government has announced a significant partial refund of LPA Registration Fees for all people who Registered documents after 1/4/2013.

To claim a refund, go to refund or phone 0300 456 0300. Good news!

Richard Johnson 01900 85269 or 07745 225 491

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We are all familiar with media reports which put the spotlight on people ‘out there’ falling short: corrupt leaders of nations; celebrities and business leaders crossing moral boundaries; warlords, murderers; betrayal in political and personal relationships. What about when we turn the same spotlight on ourselves? I suspect that if we could re-run our lives, many of us would also admit to failings we would like to change.

Whilst some might assume that the Bible would offer us records of upright lives, surprisingly for many, when we read about the people who were close to Jesus, they too often knew of choices, conversations, decisions and actions which they bitterly regretted!

I’ll use the Apostle Peter as an example. When heaven itself opened in front of Peter on a mountain, as Jesus was transfigured, he remained bogged down with the mundane: worrying about tent provision arrangements! When Jesus chose to share key details with Peter about his future, he wouldn’t believe him! When he dared to step out on the waves with Jesus, he then doubted and sank! Finally, when Jesus was arrested, Peter denied three times

that he even knew his friend!

Yet, despite all Peter’s flaws, when the risen Jesus met him again on a beach over breakfast, he made clear that he had forgiven him and that he still wanted to work with Peter (John 21:1-17). Jesus showed Peter that God offers second chances!

So, what might this show us? The Christian claim is that, whatever flaws and failings we live with, Jesus still sees our potential and like with his early follower, Peter – he remains open to us turning to him, so he can offer us a second chance to partner with him in our onward journeying in life.

Might you be interested in exploring more about this God of second chances? If so, ‘Start Courses’ – six-session, informal and relaxed Christian explorer courses (one session/week) are now being run by several local churches, in and around Cockermouth. Similarly, ‘The Alpha Course’ will be run this autumn. Please contact me on 01900 821288 for further details, or to register.

Revd. Adrian Thompson Team Vicar, Cockermouth Area Team

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