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When the weather turned sour in December several commercial fi shing boats found a safe haven at Atlantic Boat in Brooklin.

BOAT & SHIPYARD NEWS Boothbay Harbor Ship Yard in

Boothbay Harbor has been sold to Bristol Marine of Rhode Island, see page 15 for the details. For those going to Boothbay Harbor it is

a must to go over to the Shipyard and look at the total restoration of the Gloucester schoo- ner ERNESTINA-MORRISSEY which is on the main railway. All the framing is done, the longitudinal stringers are in place, shelf and clamp are in, which were made from old growth 40 foot Douglas fi r planks. Now they are making the stanchions, which will be faired in with the frames and sheer strake. They are also getting the clamp and the shelf set up for deck beams. A big project this fall took them to

Moosehead Lake where they began making repairs on the 1914 Bath Iron Works built KATAHDIN. The repair area was on the upper deck around the pilot house and aft cabin. They have completed work on the foredeck and will return in April to fi nish the job, which will include epoxy and glasswork around the pilot and cabin house and then replacing the trim. Sh e will be ready for her fi rst cruise the middle of June. The replica FRIENDSHIP OF SALEM is being worked by Boothbay Harbor Ship- yard but at Gloucester Marine Railway in Gloucester, MA. The major area of repair


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was done on the forward section under the foremast where water had gotten in and rotted out and signifi cant area around the mast step. All the interior structure has been completed which includes frames, fl oors, keelson and mast step. They now need to complete the stem and the hull and this should be fi nished later this spring.

Over at P. E. Luke’s in East Boothbay

they are replacing the transom and bilge stringers and a 21 foot Aquasport runabout. They are also resurrecting, mostly cosmetic work, on a Lyman runabout. She will also need mechanical service before going over this coming season. The yard is completely full with storage

customers and they are patiently waiting for a break in the weather to start bringing them in for their annual maintenance. This will keep them more than busy the rest of the winter and through the spring.

Mainely Boats in Cushing has two new

projects underway in their shop with several others waiting to get in. In one bay is a Libby 47, being fi nished

out as a lobster boat for a fi sherman from Cushing. She is going to be powered with a 900 hp Scania and will sport an interior which will include berths and galley, but

no head. They are currently working on the platform and extending the house. She is scheduled to be overboard this spring. In the next bay is a Calvin Beal 42,

At Samoset Boat Works in Boothbay they are nearing completion on this Mussel Ridge 48. A Calvin Beal 44 will be coming in

April and will be fi nished out as a lobster boat for a fi sherman from Stonington. Out in the yard is a Wesmac Superwide

which is being fi nished out as a lobster boat for a fi sherman from Matinicus. She will have a V berth and simple galley below and will be powered with a 1000 hp MAN. Presently they were fairing the glasswork so they could spray her. She is scheduled to be launched in March. Out in the yard was AGITATOR, a Hol-

land 32 formerly owned in Winter Harbor and now in Cushing. She will be getting a rebuilt engine and a cosmetic upgrade.

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46 being fi nished out as a lobster boat for a fi sherman from Harpswell. They started her last summer and installed the engine, drive- train as well as bulkheads, tanks and bunks. She is scheduled to be back in this summer to be fi nished. Also on order is a South Shore 42 and

a Mussel Ridge 42, all being fi nished out as commercial boats.

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