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International Peace Garden getting ready to celebrate its 85th birthday

Dorothy Dobbie J

uly 14, 1932, 85 years ago, 50,000 (some say as many as 75,000) people travelled over

gravel roads in Model T Fords, by horse and buggy and on foot to take part in the opening of the International Peace Garden. Considering that the population of North Dakota at the time was only about 676,000 and the pop- ulation of Manitoba was prob- ably just around 300,000, this was a mind-boggling attendance. Their parked vehicles reached to the horizon. The memory of the Great War was still fresh in the minds of many and this Garden was seen as a beacon of hope that such an event would never occur again. Since that time, the population of the two jurisdictions has dou- bled, with North Dakota grow- ing from 675,000 to 755,000 and Manitoba’s population jump- ing to almost 1.3 million. Amidst

A Paddy’s Day feast that will bowl you over


New WAG program supports individuals affected by

dementia Art to Inspire launches March 8

The International Peace Garden in full bloom is a sight to see.

all this growth, the prominence of that symbol of peace and everlast- ing friendship between our two nations has been diminished in the minds of many but not in its importance.

That is why the Peace Garden has planned a day of celebra- tion, on the weekend of July 14 and 15, that will be fun for the

whole family and a chance for neighbours on either side of the border to meet and mingle in a place with no boundaries. Once you are in the park, you are free to move from country to country, across the border as if it didn’t ex- ist, which it doesn’t in the Inter- national Peace Garden.

u 5 'Crafts people'

The legislative chamber gets a ‘lift’ Myrna Driedger

fter a summer of con- struction and extensive consultation with an ac- cessibility advisory committee, the historic Manitoba legisla- tive building’s chamber opened in October of 2017 with a greatly increased level of acces- sibility. The way it was designed pri-


or to this renovation did not allow access to the chamber by anyone with mobility issues.

Three rows of MLA desks were on different levels and required a step down to reach the desk. The Speaker’s dais and clerk’s table were not accessible, either. Since 2000, discussions were held about enhancing acces- sibility. The first idea was to put an MLA desk by itself in a new fourth row. Talk about bad symbolism! The next solution was to install a lift to move a wheelchair up and down into a third-row desk. It was agreed to wait until there was an MLA in a wheel-

atively engage through visual art those living with dementia. Organized by the Winnipeg Art Gal- lery, in partnership with the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba and University of Manitoba’s College of Rehabilitation Sciences, sessions start March 8. Art to Inspire offers the opportunity to enjoy companionship and conversation, share stories, and explore ideas in a supportive setting. The program is run by trained art educators and in- corporates lively discussions of artworks as well as art-making activities. Participants will take part in a series of interactive tours of the WAG’s perma- nent collection galleries and current exhibitions. Quick facts: • Six 90-minute sessions are organized around


different themes – such as nature, the environ- ment, art and music, and the North – and explore related artworks. • Sessions are capped at 16 participants (eight

chair before doing the renova- tion. The plans then sat gath- ering

dust, though with the passage of time, this wheelchair lift solution was deemed not optimal.

In 2010 the idea was raised again, seeking a different solu- tion, but the discussions did not go very far. Finally, in 2013 talks were again revived. The first phase involved en- hancing accessibility in the pub- lic gallery. In 2015, the stairs in the gallery were rebuilt to in-

u 4 'Unprecedented changes'

people with dementia, each accompanied by a caregiver).

• The cost is $60 per pair of participants. • All sessions are held at the WAG, 300 Memo- rial Blvd. • Pre-registration is required at • The program runs every alternate Thursday

from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. on the following dates: – March 8 and 22 – April 5 and 19 – May 3 and 17

• The WAG is Canada’s oldest civic art gallery

and is home to over 27,000 artworks spanning centuries, media, and cultures, including the larg- est public collection of contemporary Inuit art on earth.

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Express checkout for seniors Complimentary refreshments White glove shopping assistance* *See store for details

eople with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers are invited to participate in Art to Inspire, a new program designed to cre-

775 Panet Rd • 204.663.7389 visit


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