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Connecting you to the leaders in healthy living, natural healthcare and green living in our community. To find out how you can be included in the Community Resource Guide call Dee Whitaker, publisher at 919-342-2831, and request a media kit.


BRAIN BALANCE ACHIEVEMENT CENTERS CARY AND CHAPEL HILL 8204 Tryon Woods Drive, Suite 114 Cary, NC 27518 • 919-851-2333

1728 Fordham Blvd, Suite 161 Chapel Hill NC 27514 • 919-391-6100 T e clinically proven Brain Balance Program is an individua l i zed and comprehensive approach to helping children with neurobehavioral and

learning difficulties surmount their unique challenges. T is holistic proprietary, non-medical program addresses the cause of disorders rather than the symptoms, and has been successful in helping thousands of children become more focused, improve their academic performance, and enhance their communication and social interaction skills. See ad on page 36.


BARTER BUSINESS EXCHANGE, INC. 1125 Kildaire Farm Road, Suite 207 Cary, NC 27511 919-469-5538 Office 919-469-5558 Fax 919-469-5548 24-Hour Authorizations T e Barter Business Exchange, Inc. (BBE) is a network of business owners who help each other prosper by trading products and services. Bartering will help you fi nd new customers, reduce cash

expenditures, expand your advertising and marketing, enhance employee benefi ts, convert excess inventory, reduce accounts receivable, increase market share and improve your bottom line. Bartering is good for your business. See ad on page 14.


UNITY CENTER OF PEACE 8800 Seawell School Road Chapel Hill NC 27516 919-968-1854 We are an inclusive New T ought spiritual community… a positive path for abundant living. In Unity we discover we are spiritual beings learning how to apply that Truth in our daily lives. Sunday Services and

inspiring youth programs are from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Classes include Meditation/Healing, Dances of Universal Peace, Prosperity, Conscious Evolution and more. LGBT friendly.

UNITY OF THE TRIANGLE 5570 Munford Road Raleigh, NC 27605 919-832-8324 Meaningful and upliſt ing

experiences await you at Unity of

Sunday services are 9am and 11am. Other events designed

to awaken your divine nature through love, service and personal transformation include Meditation classes, Yoga classes, Small Social and Study Groups, Adult and Youth Choirs, A Course in Miracles, Potlucks and much more. Become a part of our spiritual community. See ad on back page.

UNITY CHURCH OF RALEIGH 5124-108 Departure Drive Raleigh NC 27616 919-870-7364 Find a faith that works for you. We

are a

spi r itual community joining


sacred to

experience and express the

Power of the living, loving Presence of God in daily life. We encourage self-discovery and personal growth, and believe that acceptance, respect, love and support for one another leads to a lasting bond as a community and spiritual family. Sunday services 10:30 a.m. See ad on page 6.

the Triangle.


ECOMAIDS 919-809-9654 888-989-Maid (6243) Each EcoMaids employee is dedicated to our mission of creating clean and sanitized homes and offi ces using effective cleaning products, systems and

procedures that are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for people, pets and the planet. Another feature you will love is our color-coded cleaning system that avoids any cross-contamination and ensures your home or offi ce is spotless. See ad on page 11.


EMOTIONAL WELLNESS COACHING Dee Whitaker 919-622-5183 Accomplished individuals have one thing in common—a great coach or mentor to engage and encourage them as they strive to achieve their personal and professional goals. You too can get the help you need to begin living a life more in line with your ideals for your health, self-image, relationships, family, career, fi nances and more. Call Dee Whitaker today to start your journey to success. See ad on page 2.


AUTHENTIC SELF CENTER OF THE TRIANGLE Amy Pierce, M.A. Applied Healing Arts 919-554-2711

Authentic Self Center of the

Triangle is a holistic, integrative personal growth and healing practice offering counseling, spiritual direction and mentoring, workshops, classes and book studies. We address many of the same issues and concerns brought to traditional therapy

practices, including stress, divorce, loss, grief, illness, self-esteem, communication, addiction, relationships, caregiving, animal loss, etc. We also off er Life Ceremonies. See ad on page 37.



NA Triangle

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