FEBRUARY 16 - MARCH 1, 2018 Traders want more promotion

Traders in a Staffordshire city have called for their indoor market to be better promoted in a bid to attract more shoppers. Stallholders at Stoke Market

are claiming that not enough people know that the facility is open for business. Stoke-on-Trent City Council

is due to carry out a review of the market in an effort to bring in new traders and attract more shoppers. But more than a quarter of

the 88 stalls at the South Wolfe Street venue are currently empty and the market is understood to be running at a loss. Glenys Goodwin, who

runs a haberdashery and underwear stall, told local media: “The market needs more advertising. All the other markets in the city are well advertised but I don’t see anything for Stoke. “I’ve had lots of people

come in who haven’t been in for years, and they say they didn’t know Stoke Market was still open. That’s how bad it is. “If it was better advertised

then more people would come in, and I think it would encourage more traders to enquire.” Fellow trader Kevin Jordan

agreed: “The biggest problem we’ve got is that the market isn’t advertised. Hanley is the be-all and end-all to the council and you don’t hear anything about Stoke. “We need people to know

that there’s a market here and you can get everything you need, and nine times out

of ten it’s cheaper than the supermarket or the shops. “They’ve built student flats

in Stoke but the students don’t come in here. It should be promoted with them.”

More investment

Sue Price, who works for a butcher in the market, believes more investment in Stoke itself would also benefit the market. She said: “There are none

of the bigger shops in Stoke to attract people here, like there is in Longton. People would come for the shops then come into the market. “I love the market – you

can’t get fresher stuff and it’s cheaper than the supermarket. When I first worked her 18 years ago it was really busy, but the younger generation doesn’t come in now. I think it’s a sign of the times.” Andrea Machin runs a deli counter, and she praised the city council for the initiatives it has already introduced to help the market. She said: “We have been given a permanent market manager, who is really good, and we have had a reduction in our rent. “I think they are doing their

best to attract new traders. I think we just need to get the younger people to come in and once they see the quality they can get for the price, then they will come back.” Shoppers also welcomed

the efforts made by the council to help boost the market. Hanley resident Leila Davis

told local media: “I come here every week and I like it, but it would be good if they could

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Despite a number of recent benefits, traders at Stoke’s indoor market want better promotion for the event

do something to fill the empty stalls. It’s a shame to see them closed.” Pauline Alcock from Hanford added: “I’ve been coming here since I was a girl and it has gone down bank. “It hasn’t got the same

variety it used to have, but they are competing with the shops now. “Stoke used to be a thriving

town but everything is about Hanley now. It’s not right to see the stalls boarded up and it must be disheartening for the traders. “The council needs to encourage more people in.”

Recent measures We contacted Stoke City Plans for the future

A open meeting took place last month to discuss plans for the future of a Lancashire town centre. People in Accrington were

invited to the meeting to talk about the kind of events they would like to see in the town’s

ISSN 2057–6781

new £2m square, which is due to be completed later this year. The scheme will see the

front of the market hall and town hall transformed to commemorate the sacrifice and bravery of the Accrington Pals. It will also include the

restoration of historic retail and commercial buildings in the town centre. It has been revealed that £50,000 will be made available

by the council to help put on events on in the town. Cllr Miles Parkinson, leader

of the council, told local media in December: “In the New Year we’ll be going to tender for an events co-ordinator. “We will be talking with

traders and the chamber of trade to make sure we will be putting on events that everyone wants. “It will help to increase footfall

and the local businesses will benefit from this.”

Council regarding the traders’ remarks, and although it didn’t comment directly on the calls for more promotion, a spokesperson did refer to the raft of measures recently introduced to help stallholders at all Stoke-on- Trent’s markets. As previously reported in

Market Trader, the benefits include a range of rent reductions for traders, a market training and support programme, and a ‘loyalty bonus’ with a selection of discounts against council services. Consul tat ion wi l l also

take place with traders on opening hours at the market, which currently operates on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, to ensure the markets “meet shopping habits in the 21st century”. Cllr Daniel Jellyman, cabinet member for regeneration, transport and heritage, with responsibility for markets, said: “I think it is incredibly important that we support new and existing businesses, and markets are a great springboard for any business. “The simple fact is that if

traders are successful, then the market as a whole will be successful, too. “I think the initiatives we

have come forward with are a statement of intent by the council to say we are here to support our markets, we want them to do well, to fill up empty stalls and

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to see businesses being successful. “Yes, footfall has declined

in recent years, but this is us doing something about it and looking to reverse the trend. “The more stalls we can

fill, the more shoppers the markets will attract, which will be good news for everyone.”

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