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Student from Hampton Receives International Scholarship

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DLA Director Speaks at Hampton University Founder’s Day

Personal and Professional Empowerment

St. Paul AME Celebrates Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy

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Free February 2018 Serving Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, and Virginia Beach since 2006

NSU Gets New Board Member

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NAACP’s ‘Real State of Our Union’ Refutes Trump’s Claims

Lt. Gen. Darrell K. Williams BY CHRIS ERBE

Director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell K. Williams

Defense Logistics Agency delivered


keynote address at his alma mater, Hampton University, Jan. 28. This year’s Founder’s Day ceremony marked the 150th

year since a former

Union officer, Army Brig. Gen. Samuel Chapman Armstrong, established the school in Hampton, Virginia, in 1868.

“It’s difficult to put into words how honored my wife Myra and I are to be back at our ‘home by the sea,’” Williams said, using the nickname for the university, which is bordered on three sides by water. “Hampton is where we first met, where we developed friendships that persist to this day and where I began my journey toward a career in the military.”


Hampton a

special as one of

University history


Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Following

the Civil War, recently freed slaves found themselves in a dire situation. While the Emancipation

of 1863 gave enslaved African Americans


Proclamation Confederate

states their freedom, they were impoverished, with no education or skills to compete for a better life. Armstrong, a white officer and commander of U.S. Colored Troops during the war, made it his life’s work to establish a school for the education of African Americans.

Armstrong’s vision was to establish a teacher’s college, a school whose curriculum included

as English, geography like

plastering and

academics, such and

mathematics, as well as skilled trades,

bricklaying, carpentry.

In addition, he stressed character

development —

honor, morality, judgment and foresight. He tied all three areas together by proclaiming

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Health Editorial Education

Flu Infection Study Who is Secretly Supporting Trump? University of Richmond Student Awarded Scholarship

Hampton Roads Upcoming Events Scholarships Watch

Grant for Nonprofits African American History Events at VBPL Kim and Harold Louie Scholarship

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Millions of families get their taxes done

every year for free through two programs sponsored by the IRS. These help people with lower and moderate incomes:

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance:

This program is also known as VITA. It offers free tax return preparation to eligible taxpayers who generally earn $54,000 or less.

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seniors. AARP

'The Real State of Our Union' panel hosted by Roland Martin BY NAACP.ORG

Trump’s first State of the Union Address, NAACP,

nation’s foremost civil

BALTIMORE – On the night of President the

Photo courtesy of the NAACP

candid and forthright conversation about the true politics of Trump’s first year in office.


organization, hosted its own rebuttal, “The Real State of Our Union,” hosted by acclaimed journalist, Roland Martin.

In direct response to President Trump’s racism, detachment and disinterest towards Af- rican-Americans and immigrants, many in the advocacy community gathered at the Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. to have a

While President Trump rallied for a wall on the border and credited his presidency for the drop in the Black unemployment rate, panelists at “The Real State of Our Union” called attention to key Trump policies that plague the Black community: voter suppression, an unequal criminal


system, and the ostracizing of immigrants. The powerhouse panel urged participants


Taxpayers Across the Country Can Have Taxes Prepared for Free

Photo courtesy of Hampton University

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