Do Not Go to Naturopathic Doctors? by Dr. Michael Lonardo, PscD, TND D

o not use Naturopathic Doctors— they are quacks! Tat is oſten the cry from doctors of Western

Medicine (traditional doctors of medicine). However, what most MDs or DOs won’t admit is that traditional medicine oſten treats only the symptoms—they oſten do not take the time to seek out the root cause of your health issue. For example, if you are diagnosed with anxiety, the MD will usually prescribe Prozac. Ten when the most common side effects of this drug pres- ent themselves (nausea and upset stomach) the MD will prescribe another medication like Phenergan (Promethazine) or Zof- ran (Ondansetron), still making little or no effort to ascertain why you have anxiety. Anxiety has many causes. Situational,

genetic, chemical, environmental, nutri- tional and even allergic reactions can pres- ent as anxiety. All potential causes need to be examined. Naturopaths do just that. We examine your entire being. We look at your history, family history and current situa- tion and we discuss with you what needs to be changed to help you. In fact, your initial consultation with me is two hours or lon- ger - and I don’t mean sitting in the waiting room for your overdue appointment. I mean actual time in consultation. Inciden- tally, we schedule with your time in mind and do not overbook our schedule. Simply stated; we operate on schedule. Te methods of naturopathic medicine

(oſten referred to as alternative medicine) have been around for thousands of years while traditional medicine only began in the 19th century. Te World Health Orga- nization estimates that between 60 and 85 percent of the world’s population rely on holistic medicine as their primary form

of health care. In the USA that number is about 33%. Tis is a startling fact con- sidering that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in America! Tere is a place for traditional phy-

sicians. In an emergency situation you would not want to go to a Naturopath, you would want to go to the emergency department. However, if you are looking for preventative or restorative care, natu- ropathic methods are far superior. Areas of particular interest to me are anxiety, depression, mood disorders, panic disor- ders, postpartum depression, weight issues, nutrition and autism. A new government survey suggests that

1 in 45 children ages 3 through 17 have been diagnosed with autism spectrum dis- order. Traditional medicine has failed the needs of these children. Tere is no stan- dard course of treatment for autism. To me, each client represents a new and exciting opportunity to help someone that has been written off by today’s standard medical treatments. Naturopaths address the three systems of the body that are compromised in autism – the central nervous system, the digestive system and the immune system. All three work in unison and must be treat- ed together. Treating less is simply a recipe for failure. Postpartum depression is another area

where traditional medicine oſten falls short. Some OBGYN’s will simply pre- scribe SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). Te fact is many postpartum depression cases are a direct result of a hormone and/or chemical imbalance, neither of which are usually considered. Simply prescribing SSRI’s will usually result in either a life-time of SSRI prescrip-

tions or the condition developing into full blown depression. It saddens me that the first course of action for most physicians is their prescription pad. Tey have many other resources at their disposal. When a client presents with anxiety,

depression, mood disorders, panic disor- ders, or postpartum depression, I order a neurotransmitter test and hormone panel. Neurotransmitters are chemical messen- gers used by the nervous system to relay information from one nerve to another. Te fact that 16 million Americans have experienced at least one major depres- sive episode or experienced depressive symptoms (NIMH 2014) means this test is invaluable. Once we receive the laboratory test results we then decide on a course of action. We will not burden the client with unnecessary costs or supplements. When we determine a protocol, we also

look at all facets of an individual’s life. An example would be to have them eliminate grain and gluten from their diet and add a magnesium supplement, omega fatty acids, and essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In addition, one of the best treat- ments for anyone is exercise. We strongly encourage all clients to begin exercising— even if at the beginning it is a five minute walk—that’s a start. I cannot stress enough that there is a

place for traditional medicine. However, if you want to restore your health or simply be proactive in the prevention of disease, you need to consider an approach that addresses your entire body and the root causes of your symptoms. It is essential to your good health. See ad on page 25.

Dr. Michael Lonardo, PscD, TND, Renovo Natural Health LLC 6512 Six Forks Road, Suite 404A (first floor), Raleigh • 919-986-9940 email or visit

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