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Pre and Post Natal Pilates IN FITNESS

Pregnancy is a special time during a woman’s life, as her body changes to adapt to the demands of the growing foetus. Remaining fit, well and healthy will benefit not only the Mum to be but also the baby. Modified Pilates exercises are an excellent way for a woman to remain strong, mobile and pain free during pregnancy. They will help to maintain the stability of the pelvic girdle that can be put under strain due to the weight of the foetus and the effects of pregnancy hormones. If no exercise has been taken prior to pregnancy it is perfectly safe to start to practise modified Pilates with the guidance of an experienced and qualified professional

teacher. Regular practise of

modified Pilates during pregnancy can help the mother to cope better during her labour. equipment including the ‘reformer’, ‘cadillac’ and ‘barrel’ which are used to develop strength and mobility. At Cockermouth Pilates Studio, we are lucky enough to have a couple of reformers and a barrel to offer the challenge of working with equipment too.

During the Postnatal period, a well-planned Pilates regime can help to bring awareness back to the pelvic floor and the deep abdominals to assist in the return of the body to its pre- pregnant state. It is very important to check the function and position of the abdominals before any sit-up style exercises are attempted in the postnatal period. A qualified fitness professional will be able to assess this for you using the ‘rec check’ test. Attending a specialised class will also give you some quality time just for yourself where you can meet people in a similar situation who will be a valuable source of social and psychological support. Cockermouth Pilates Studio are running a Pre and Post-Natal Pilates Course on Wednesdays at 1.00pm.

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Happy New Year to you! Over the past few weeks I have been busy setting my intentions for 2018. I am not a fan of setting resolutions or setting goals (I know this sounds strange coming from a coach!) The reason I prefer setting intentions is simple, it allows greater freedom and flexibility. It is drummed in to us that goals should be very detailed, specific and time bound. I prefer intentions because they focus on getting clear about what you want without having to have all the finer details worked out of how you are going to achieve it. For me they allow room for possibility.

I want to share with you a personal example of this from last year. Claire is one of my best friends and she has an obsession for Alpacas. She absolutely adores them and has always wanted to experience walking them. I know this because Claire has told me this many times over the years!

For her birthday in October I was finding it hard to decide what to buy her so I decided I would prefer to create a memory for her rather than buy her physical things that she could easily buy herself.

I was reminded of all the times Claire had talked about Alpacas and I decided I wanted to make that happen for her. By chance I mentioned it to my husband Rob and he had recently met Kim from Blencogo Farm who has a herd of Alpacas and suggested I get in touch to see what was possible. I had a great conversation with Kim and we arranged for me and Claire to go over to the farm one Saturday. I didn’t tell Claire what we were doing so that it would be a surprise for her. We had an amazing time with the Alpacas and it was lovely to meet Kim and her husband DJ and all their Alpacas. It was such a beautiful experience and one that I can highly recommend.

Claire held the intention of walking with Alpacas for years and has shared her intention with family and friends. This is how I knew it was something on her bucket list. It was my honour to be able to make that dream happen. However, if Claire had not held on to that intention and talked about it frequently, I wouldn’t have known and be able to create the opportunity for her to live her dream.

Kim also had an intention. When we were at the farm, she shared some of her personal story with us about how she had come to be an Alpaca breeder. She had also fallen in love with Alpacas and there were times in her life where her desire to own them felt like a distant dream. A changing set of circumstances meant that Kim eventually had the land needed to be able to own her own herd and she has never looked back. She set the intention to get them and the rest is history!

Setting intentions is an incredibly powerful process. Deepak Chopra describes intentions as “the starting point for every dream”. With an intention, you just need to be clear about what it is you intend for your life and your intention will then shape your actions in the present.

You don’t even need to know how you are going to achieve that intention. You just need to hold the intention clearly in your mind, let go of the outcome and enjoy the process. Your brain will start working on the intention you are holding and will start looking for options, possibilities and solutions.

It’s much more exciting than setting a goal, don’t you think?

Joanna Petrie-Rout – Transformation coach

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