It’s always a busy time for students at Cockermouth School, but for our current Year 11 students, the pace is more noticeable than usual. For the past two weeks, they have been sitting their mock examinations, designed to get a really good feel for what to expect in the summer, and to help both students and staff finalise their preparations for the summer GCSE examinations.

On the 30th January, we are delighted to be holding our annual World of Work Day, in partnership with more than 30 local employers. Our Year 11 students will be learning about a wide range of careers, both what day-to-day working life is like, and what progression routes are possible. Excellent progression, through Cockermouth School and into the next stage of education, and then employment, is what we strive for. We really do believe that, from Cockermouth School, anything is possible! And looking at the range of professions in which we find our alumni, including Engineering, Law, Finance, Education, the Civil Service and many more, it certainly is.

Our key is to support our young people to identify a route that will spark a passion and be fulfilling for them as individuals; and help them to develop the belief in themselves, academic competence and the work ethic to be successful.

After Year 11, many of our students choose to remain with us in the Sixth Form, and we welcome students from across West Cumbria to join us in Year 12. Over that last few years, we have also enjoyed having a number of international students to study with us, from France, Denmark, Italy, Norway and Germany. These students add an international perspective to our community which is outward looking and curious to learn about the world beyond Cockermouth School, both through study and through experience. Our Operation Wallacea trip to Peru last year provided students with the opportunity to take part in a global conservation project in the Amazon Rainforest, led by academics from a number of universities. Some of those students are now at university and keen to become active researchers themselves in the long term. Similarly, our World Challenge team came back this summer with wonderful tales of their experiences travelling and working in Cambodia and Vietnam, and some are now considering possible careers in International Development.

Of course, not all our young people choose to live and work away from the UK, or even away from Cumbria. We are acutely aware of the exciting opportunities increasingly available on our doorstep, in the fields of science and engineering, as well as in sectors that will support the infrastructure needed for the new build project over the next few years. This is one reason why we value our developing relationships with local employers so highly. Last summer, we welcomed 50 local employers from a full range of business sectors into school for an Employability Day with our Year 12 students. Each student had a mock interview with an employer in a sector allied to a career area in which they were interested. Discussions were lively and inspiring. The feedback from both the employers and our students blew us away and a number were almost offered a job on the spot!

However, most of our Sixth Form students’ progress on to university before beginning their professional lives, and we recognise that alongside employability skills, it is academic success that will open doors for them. Our A Level results last year put us in the top 10% of schools when measuring progress and the value we add and students progressed on to a wide range of universities and apprenticeship programmes, including degree apprenticeships. Over 80% progressed to university, of whom nearly half went to a Russell Group or top 20 university, including a number to Oxford and Cambridge.

If you would like to find out first hand from our staff and Sixth Form students what it is like to study with us, please come along to our Open Evening on Thursday 8th February. Contact details and full information are available on our website:

Mrs Charlotte Dumbill, Head of Key Stage 5 WWW.THECOCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK A warm welcome is extended to all potential

students and their parents to meet our inspirational staff and discover the opportunities available to our Sixth Form students

For further information, please telephone the Sixth Form team on 01900 898888 or email:

To view our Sixth Form prospectus and subject information, visit our website at aspire  enjoy  include  respect  community

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Sixth Form Open Evening Thursday 8 February, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

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