Much of my recent exploration in Carlisle has been influenced by the local rivers and a huge map of the City [1899-1901] on display on the upper floor of the Library at The Lanes. It takes up a large section of the wall and is a marvellous record of its industrial history and importance as a railway hub for the north of England and routes to Scotland.



Engine Lonning ENGINE LONNING Kingmoor Sidings Nature Reserve

This month’s walk features an enjoyable 6 mile route, with approximately 500 feet of ascent - mainly alongside River Eden and part of the Hadrian’s Wall Path. Some of Carlisle’s former railway facilities have almost disappeared and nature has taken its course to provide attractive woodland in its place. OS Explorer Map 315 [Carlisle Brampton, Longtown and Gretna Green] is suitable for this walk.

Park at Kingmoor Sidings Nature Reserve [GR, NY385576], Balmoral Court, off Etterby Road, Carlisle. I suggest driving to the area via A689, Carlisle bypass to the Etterby/Kingmoor Road junction and on to Balmoral Court. Enjoy the walk around the nicely wooded Nature Reserve, which was once the site of the Carlisle Kingmoor Railway Shed. There is a map at the entrance and some of the features are signposted with photographs.

continue under the Carlisle Waverley Viaduct to reach a track on the right to the farm buildings at Stainton. A path to the left then leads to A689, which enables you to cross River Eden to reach the south side. This is only a short section alongside the road on a good path.

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Turn left on to the riverside path to head towards Carlisle. After half a mile, you reach the south side of the Carlisle Waverley Viaduct. At this point, I suggest that you stop and explore for a short while. You are likely to find a few items of railway history. The remains of the Carlisle Canal turntable can be found near a picnic table and there are other items of interest nearby. From the viaduct, head south on the track that becomes a path that is Engine Lonning. Continue to the junction with B5307, Newtown Road and descend the hill towards the roundabout and A595 passing Sainsbury’s to reach Carlisle Castle. Look out for the remains of a railway bridge before you reach Sainsbury’s and a narrow stream of water just beyond – this is ‘Little Caldew’, a man-made stream or mill race to serve the many textile mills and engineering works in the area in 19th century.

Carlisle Waverley Viaduct

Leave the Reserve and walk back along Balmoral Court to turn right onto Etterby Road to cross the bridge over the Carlisle to Scotland Main Line, to view the DRS Railway base owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. From Etterby Road, take the footpath down to the River Eden and


At the Castle, turn left into Devonshire walk and enjoy Bitts Park before crossing River Eden bridge from Hardwicke Circus to Stanwix Bank. Turn left to Cavendish Terrace near Carlisle Cricket Club to use the path above the river to get to Eden Place and Etterby Scaur before returning to Etterby Road and Balmoral Court.

Why not try this walk after the Christmas festivities? You won’t be disappointed.

The map on display at Carlisle Library shows the railways at their peak in 1899 -1901 but much of the network has been lost - the Beeching Axe saw many rail closures including the line to Silloth in 1964 and the Waverley line to Edinburgh via Galashiels in 1969. The closure programme also claimed the Castle Douglas and Dumfries Railway and Portpatrick Railway in 1965. There are many local people who continue to enjoy their memories of a grand industrial age.

If you would like further information regarding the woodland walks covered by my article, view via -and-Open-Spaces/kingmoor-nature-reserves for Kingmoor

Nature Reserves and p/en/ for Engine Lonning Nature Reserve.

Little Caldew

Throughout this walk, the Carlisle Waverley Viaduct continues to stand proud. A reader of one of my previous articles made me aware of the Carlisle Waverley Viaduct Trust and their efforts to restore the Waverley Viaduct and it’s reopening as a public bridleway. I have added my support as it would improve pedestrian routes between the north and south of the river, including an additional route to the Hospital. You might like to support the team working to restore access to the Viaduct. View details of the Trust and its mission via this link

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Carlisle Castle

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