KEEPING YOU IN TOUCH - YOUR FREE MONTHLY NEWSPAPER DELIVERED DOOR-TO-DOOR FOR 31 YEARS Letters to the Cockermouth Post Osteopathy is a way of treating a wide range of

muscular and skeletal conditions. It’s not only backs, but from fingers and knees, to shoulders and necks.

Working in Cockermouth

For more information visit or phone: 077477 16371

Meditate with Joy in Cockermouth

2018 dates

Learn to Meditate with Joy COURSES (advance booking required) 4 February 18 March

Part 1, 1-4pm £40

29 April 10 June

(£35 early-bird price - 4 weeks in advance) Choose one date

Meditate with Joy DROP-IN GROUPS (no booking required - bring mat/cushion/blanket if you wish to lie down)

Monday mornings 10-11.30am £7

Thursday evenings 7.30-9pm £7

Lorton Street Methodist Church United Reformed Church, Main Street January 8, 22 February 5, 19 March 5, 19

January 11, 18, 25 February 1, 8, 15, 22 March 1, 8, 15, 22

Contact Kathy Hick for details and booking on: 07929 753444 Are you interested in Bees? PHYSIOTHERAPY LTD LIZ HUNTER

In our clinic we also offer acupuncture for the treatment of all joint, muscle, tendon issues as well as headaches and stress related problems.

Two of our physiotherapists are well qualified and experienced acupuncturists who may offer acupuncture as part of your treatment or purely as an acupuncture session depending on your needs.

Lorton Street Clinic | 01900 822008 Lorton Street, Cockermouth, CA13 9RH

Bees are fascinating creatures and are necessary for the pollination of many of the foods we eat, especially fruit and many vegetables, in addition to the honey that they provide.

The Cockermouth Beekeeping Association is looking for new members. You do not have to keep bees and training for all levels of experience can be given.

Introduction to Beekeeping courses are being run throughout the year and require no experience but will give you a good insight into the life of bees and what is required to help these fascinating creatures.

If you are interested, or just want more information then please phone me. Peter, 07830 044 876

Christmas collection of children’s books for local Foodbanks

A very big thank you to all readers of The Cockermouth Post who contributed most generously. New Book Shop, Cockermouth and Bookends, Keswick collected a total of 292 books thanks to you. This has helped to brighten Christmas for 292 underprivileged children. Very many thanks.


A new year can often be a time of self- reflection. What might you do differently in 2018 to be the best version of yourself? Old habits to shake, worry less, improve your health and wellbeing, develop your confidence, or simply feel good about yourself.

Considering new habits can create feelings of excitement, trepidation and sometimes fear. Where to start can be a daunting prospect in itself. Whatever your goals, CBT can offer you


the tools and strategies to embed new ways of thinking and behaving. Give CBT a go and from as little as 4 sessions, you could begin to believe that 2018 is your year!

Your treatment plan will include 1-1 sessions, an initial assessment, email support in between appointments, worksheets and homework activities to shape the new you and support to prepare for each session to maximize your outcomes.

Tanya Crofts ISSUE 422 | 25 JANUARY 2018 | 10 Traffic Signage?

In view of the current rash of roadwork signs, I thought some guidance on their interpretation and meaning, which failed to reach the Highway Code, might help your readers:

Road Closed sign 1. A side road ahead might be closed but not your road. 2. You can reach your destination. The blockage is miles ahead.

3. We do not want you to use this road as a diversion even though there is no closure.

4, We forgot to remove the sign. 5, The road you need could actually be closed. 20% chance.

Diversion sign 1. Clear off and get lost! 2. A second sign at the next junction and you feel a bit more confident.

3. Two signs at the next junction – IN OPPOSITE DIRECTIONS. Do you toss a coin and risk a scenic tour of the Lake District Passes?

4. You follow the signs and end up at a Road Closed sign (See section above).

5. We forgot to remove the signs. 6. The diversion signs could be helpful. 16% chance.

Local Traffic Only sign 1. Go back and sit in the traffic jam. 2. Find another rout and disturb other locals – not us. 3. There could be a police van waiting to pounce on non-local traffic. 4. We forgot to remove the sign.

I hope this helps to clarify the current use of road work signs. Chris Bower

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