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February 2018

Pair face life in prison formurderingRazvan

TWO Maidstone men have been jailed for life for clubbing to death a homeless Romanianmanwho had been sleeping rough in Tovil. Razvan Sirbu (21) suffered mul-

tiple injuries to his head and body after being subjected to a sustained and unprovoked assault with weapons including a cleaver. Mr Sirbu’s body was found by

dog walkers in an area of wood- land, off CaveHill, on themorning of May 7 2017 near a tent he had been living in. Maidstone Crown Court heard

how Mr Sirbu suffered multiple skull fractures, facial bone fractures and broken ribs. CharlieWhite andAlexMacdon-

ald, both 19, were sentenced to a minimum of 16 and 18 years re- spectively. A third defendant Jimmy Buck-

ley (20), formerly of Coxheath,will be detained indefinitely under the Mental HealthAct. CCTV at a local skate park

showedWhite burning clothing be- lieved to have been worn during the murder. Images also depicted Macdonald and Buckley appar- ently re-enacting the violence. Blood found on Macdonald’s grey coat recovered froma caravan near DovermatchedMr Sirbu’s DNA. Detectives also found details of a

conversation between White and Macdonald where White had asked himwhy he kept beatingMr Sirbu. Macdonald replied: “Cos I

AlexMacdonald, top, and CharlieWhite, bottomhave been found guilty of murdering homeless Razvan Sirbu, right

thought itwas funny”. White claimed that, on the day of

the murder, he planned stealing a lawnmower froma garden and car- ried a meat cleaver for protection. White claimed itwasMr Sirbuwho attacked him and he had acted in self-defence. White admitted re- peatedly strikingMr Sirbuwith the weapon, but denied aiming any blows to his head. All three were charged with murder and remanded in custody.

Appearing before Maidstone

CrownCourtwereWhite, formerly of Quarry Road, Maidstone, and Macdonald, formerly of Regency Place, Maidstone, who both pleaded not guilty tomurderwhen the casewent to trial. Theywere found guilty on Janu-

ary 12 by a jury. Buckley was deemed unfit to

plead, butwas found by the jury to be involved in the act of killingMr Sirbu. Detective Chief Inspector Tony

Pledger said: “This was an utterly senseless attack on a young man who stood little chance of protect- ing himself. “Razvan Sirbuwas subjected to a


horrific ordeal which was unpro- voked.” Mr Sirbu’s mother wept in the

public gallery as her son’s killers were sent to prison.

FREE No. 250

News Parishes face future

AN OUTSPOKEN churchman has warned two parishes face going bust if numbers continue to decline.


Our favoured schools 8

See a pharmacist

DOCTORS are advising people to use their local pharma- cists for minor ailments.

Peace summit delay

A MEETING to resolve a row over a relief road has been de- layed again.

Royal visit to castle

LEEDS Castle will celebrate its 900th birthday with a royal visit.

24 Parish Councils 34

TRUSTEES are working on a five year plan for a nature reserve in Tovil; two roads in Loose are in line for ‘quiet lane’ status; two new benches are to be installed at the parish field in Barming; a trampo- line had been ordered and will be in- stalled at a play area in Tovil; members at Barming are in favour of a local council awards scheme.

Crime Reports 34

A CAMERA and other items were taken in a break-in at a residential property in Barming; power tools were stolen from a van in Maid- stone; CDs were stolen from a Ford Fiesta in Willington Street; a rac- ing bike was taken from a property in Wheeler Street.

Obituaries 38 Comment 46-47 16 11

THE most popular choices for sec- ondary schools in the area are revealed.

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