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January 2018

Concerns over fast cars near to nursery

A FATHER fears someone will have to be seriously injured – or worse – before his pleas to have the speed limit reduced on a road close to a nursery are listened to. Rob Garrett has launched a peti-

tion for a reduction of the speed limit to 40mph on a section of the dual carriageway on theA228 near to Holborough Lakes. Traffic races along a stretch of the

road between two roundabouts – a distance of less than half a mile – and Mr Garrett fears that parents and children using Zoe Evans Childcare Ltd, which is halfway along the road, are being put at un- necessary risk. There are also pleas for a crossing

to be put in at the north section of the stretch tomake it safer and eas- ier for parents and pupils who at- tend Halling School to get there. “It is bonkers to wait for an acci-

dent to happen for something to be done,” Mr Garrett said. “It is so dangerous. “You get cars driving along here

at 70mph and the path is not very wide, so I fear that people walking down it are at the mercy of vehi- cles. “As well as the nursery on that

stretch, you also have Halling School further up the road and families from the estate who are going to that school have to cross the road at the top of it. It’s just not safe.” MrGarrett,who lives onHolbor-

ough Lakeswith hiswife Sarah and daughters Addison (3) and two- month-old Evie, has approached Kent County Council over his pro-

Rob Garrett, Snodland Town Councillor Katherine Mordecai Woolf, nursery owner Zoe Evans, Cllr Paul Hickmott and children from the nursery attempt to cross the busy A228

posal, but despite initial positive signs, he has been told that they do not believe cutting the speed limit will help. MP Tracey Crouchwrote to Kent

CountyCouncil’s recently-deposed transport portfolio holderMatthew Balfour, onMrGarrett’s behalf, but the response was that as there had been no injuries reported, therewas nothing KCC would do. The letter also says that a reduction in the speed limit would potentially put people atmore risk due to the road environment. But Mr Garrett (32) believes that

is not an acceptable response. He added: “Why shouldwe have

to wait until someone is seriously injured or killed for changes to be

made? Common sense has to pre- vail. “I believe the 40mph zone should

start before the roundabout with theHolborough Lakes estate – near to the BP garage – and continue up beyond the next roundabout. Sim- ply putting new signs in or cutting back the hedges – as has been sug- gested – is not going to be good enough.” There has been a long history of

issues on the road, and Snodland town councillor Paul Hickmott is also keen for a crossing close to Holborough Lakes itself. “When planning permissionwas

granted, some section 106 money was set aside for a crossing by the garage,” Cllr Hickmott said. “But

they spent all the money on im- proving the station instead and we’re still waiting. It’s so danger- ous along here and something needs to be done.” Mr Garrett’s petition has already


had more than 100 signatures and can be found on Kent County Council’s e-petitions page. It is cur- rently open until January 28.


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Newchurch hopes A VICAR is desperate for a new church to be built for Anglicans in Kings Hill.

Sand bunker plans

A PUBLIC meeting has been called over a proposal for a giant sand bunker.


MALLING School’s head thrilled as applications remain highest in area.

A20 flooding fears

CALLS are made to find a perma- nent fix for a busy road that regularly floods.

It’s a bumper crop

KENTISH oak trees enjoyed a spectacular acorn har- vest in 2017.


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Parish Councils 34-35 Crime Reports 35

A DOG may have disturbed a man who was seen attempting to break into a home in Apple Close, Snod- land; groceries were stolen from a doorstep in Holtwood Avenue, Aylesford; two air rifles and some clothing were stolen in a break-in in Church Lane, Trottiscliffe.

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