Clock & Barometer Books Barographs By Philip R Collins

A Guide to Dating English Antique Clocks By Eric Bruton

The book is richly illustrated, and will appeal not only to clockmakers and horologists, but to bell enthusiasts, and those with an interest in our rich Victorian heritage.

Readership: Historical horologists, practical horologists, bell historians, bell ringers, tourists, the technically- minded public, historians of Victoriana.

• Comprehensive detailed history • Extensively illustrated • New previously unpublished material • Appeals to the specialist and the general reader • Full technical descriptions of the clock and bells • 296 pages

Code B32293 Description Big Ben By Chris Mckay By Eric Bruton

A Guide to Dating English Antique Clocks provides a unique pictiorial record as well as collated information to help dealers and collectors to date English clocks by their case styles.

By Philip R Collins

Tracing the development of the Barograph from its early history to the variety of devices we recognise today. • Thorough research and a wealth of illustrations feature

• Plus tips on maintenance • 146 pages

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Barometers, Stick or Cistern By 

 perhaps the greatest collection of entirely English domestic clocks ever made by a private collector. There are 220 separate photos showing a whole range of deisgns. The longcase series is very representative and  clocks a series style drawings is provided.

It also dates the clock by movement, dial and case and provides guidance on improvements and marriages when a case and a movement do not belong to each  The Plates, Lantern and Hanging Clocks, Bracket Clocks, Longcase Clocks, Notes concerning makers of the clocks illustrated, Marquetry and Veneering, Cross Reference Guide, Bibliography. • Paperback • 263 pages

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A Guide to Dating English Antique Clocks By Eric Bruton

Big Ben By Chris Mckay UOM Price EACH £14.29 British Longcase Clocks

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by Derek Roberts

The longcase clock has been a part of the Englishman’s home for some 300 years and has gained a place in his heart seldom if ever achieved by any other domestic item. An example of its importance in family life is that it, with the bed and the house, was nearly   of valuable information detailing the British origins, evolution, and wide range of longcase clocks that have been produced since the sixteenth century. In twenty chapters Mr. Roberts provides a detailed overview of many facets of these beautiful and useful art works, including early square dial, rare, astronomical and  


From the humble beginnings of these mercury instruments the reader journeys through a comprehensive survey of man’s achievements in the  • Includes tips on maintenance • 246 Pages • 300 illustrations

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Barometers, Stick or Cistern By 

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Movements See Page 1326

1374 By Chris Mckay

The Great Clock and The Bells at the Palace of Westminister

This book covers the history of ‘Big Ben’, the great clock and bells at Westminster, from the origins of Westminster as the seat of government right up to the celebrations of the Great Clock’s 150th anniversary in 2009.

The book begins by taking the reader through a typical visit to the Clock Tower, and then begins the history  1834, the building of the New Houses of Parliament and development of the clock and the bells, going into detail on their design and installation. The book covers the famous cracking of the current bell Big Ben in 1859, with sketches of all the characters involved, the two world wars, and the disaster of 1976. The book ends with a detailed technical description of the clock mechanism.


Other chapters detail various dial and decoration forms, precision timekeeping, important makers, and clocks of the Victorian and Edwardian eras right up to modern times. A glossary of terms and lengthy index of makers are included. In British Longcase Clocks, Mr. Roberts share his wealth of knowledge enthusiastically and presents over 300 black and white and full-color photographs of details and whole clocks. His book will 

• 400 pages • Hard back • ISBN 978-0887402302

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Restoration Clock

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