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15 unsung heroes of Winnipeg and Manitoba

Dorothy Dobbie

remarkable men and women of our city and province who work hard and quietly in many endeavours, for which they never get thanked or acknowledged. Some of our can- didates are in the news from time to time or are otherwise known for various things, but we are cel- ebrating their special efforts that go beyond the ordinary. Others are relatively unknown to most of us and it is time we showed them our support and gratitude. Todd Braun. Todd Braun is a Manitoba sculptor

W in stone. He

lives near Altona. He and his wife Lisa are the local recipients of stray and unwanted cats that they gently nurture back to health. Todd cre- ates things of beauty out of pieces of the earth. Sometimes, he says, the stone is too beautiful in itself to be disturbed. Todd is one of the many unsung artists who express the incredible beauty of this prov- ince, expecting nothing more than that we appreciate the loveliness of the world around us. Myrna

Driedger. Myrna

Driedger is the Speaker of the leg- islature, the uncelebrated presence behind the order and decorum of the House. She is the longest serving member of the Manitoba Legislature

and commands re-

spect from all who sit before her. This year, she completed the mam- moth task of making the chamber wheelchair accessible. Under her guidance, the floor was raised and the chamber transformed in such a way as to maintain the character of the room. Visitors who have been there before can barely discern the difference, but all who enter can do so with grace and equal access.

e introduce this feature to Lifestyles as a way of saying thank you to the

From the senate

7 9

Fare-thee-well to Joan Cohen

Sitting on the dock of the bay. Todd Braun Hon. Myrna Driedger. Dorothy Dobbie O Sel Burrows.

Sel Burrows. Sel Burrows is a man of heartfelt conviction. He lives to serve. He very much de- serves the Order of Manitoba he received this July and we salute him for the work he has done as chair of the Point Douglas Resi- dents’ Committee. He has done much to turn around the commu- nity, striving to drive drug dealers out of

the neighbourhood and

standing up for youth, hounding bureaucrats and politicians equally and without mercy. He is outspo- ken and fearless, a true unsung hero of our province. Colleen Sklar. Colleen Sklar is

the remarkable sparkplug behind the movement to bring Winni- peg and its 16 surrounding com- munities together as the Capital

Colleen Sklar.

Region. As executive director, she works tirelessly to build bridges, show where collaboration in pur- chasing, planning and operations makes sense so that we can keep taxes down, improve infrastruc- ture and become an even more attractive

place for investment

and development. She does this in the face of opposition from some who prefer the status quo, but she never gives up. Don Leitch. Don Leitch, for-

mer clerk of the Privy Council under Premier Garry Filmon, has always worked behind the scenes. Today, he is

the president and

CEO of the Business Council of Manitoba where he has spent the past three years making the coun- u 5 'Unsung heroes'

ur dear Joan Cohen has finally been liberated from the world of work and is giving herself some time to see life

from a position of well-deserved leisure. Al- though she says is 29 (but only admits to 25), Joan has reached a point in her life where smell- ing the roses is more rewarding than writing about them.

Joan may have been bitten by the journalism bug as a student at the University of Manitoba, where was co-editor of the Manitoban and cam- pus correspondent for the Winnipeg Free Press. She went on to have an interesting career as a journalist, at one time working for farm news- papers. She went to Montreal early in life and worked for the Family Herald. Among her pub- lishers and employers were Southam News Ser- vices, CBC, the Montreal Star, and the Ottawa Citizen and on three occasions the Winnipeg Free Press, where she was Ottawa bureau chief when I first met her. She was also with Observer Foreign News Service in Europe (on the pro- duction side). Over her years in the business, she interviewed many interesting people, in- cluding Pierre Elliot Trudeau and world famous Canadian Opera tenor, Jon Vickers. Early in her career, she wrote speeches for Lester B. Pearson. Growing up, Joan had one clear ambition, she says, and that was to “always be right”. Any piece she ever wrote was as accurate as it could possibly be. She was a stickler for understand- ing the background and checking facts, some- thing many of today’s “journalists” could learn a lot about. She kept her style book always at hand and made sure that consistency was up-

u 4 'Fare-the-well'

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