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FSM Three New Stadium Venues Join Stadium Experience

Three new stadium venues have joined the Stadium Experience team, including Notts County Football Club, West Bromwich Albion Football Club and Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. The new additions, take the total membership to well over 55 football and rugby stadium venues across the UK & Ireland. 2017 has seen a flurry of 12 new

clubs join the not-for-profit marketing collaboration, which aims to share best practice and promote stadia as unique and prestigious venues for meetings, conferences and events. The group has increased its membership by over a quarter in the last 10 months alone.

About Stadium Experience

Stadium Experience is a not-for-profit marketing collaboration aiming to promote and market stadium venues for conferences, meetings and events. The organisation was established in 2002 focusing for football venues, and evolved in 2013 to welcome rugby stadium venues too. With the increasing membership, Stadium Experience has significantly stepped up its activities. Some examples include; sharing best practice and ideas with dedicated networking events, joint exhibition opportunities (such as Square Meal Venues & Events and Event Organisers Forum and more), meeting event buyers and key agencies as a consortium, regular

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newsletters, an annual recognitions awards celebration; The Stadium Events & Hospitality Awards and much more. Ben Biffen, Business Development Manager at Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, said: “We at Wolverhampton Wanderers are excited to be joining Stadium Experience. There are many benefits of being part of an industry leading organisation commercially, benchmarking and from information sharing of best practice.” Collette Salmon, Sales Manager at

Liverpool Football Club, and voluntary Chair of Stadium Experience, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome all of our new members

this year. 2017 marks 15 years since the association very first started, and to see it grow by a quarter in the last 10 months is phenomenal growth. This really shows how the clubs highly value the sharing of best practice, networking opportunities, promotional activities, as well as recognising the best in the industry at our annual awards. We are very much led by our members, so if there are changing markets and new focuses then we prioritise these initiatives. We actively welcome any football or rugby stadium venue who would like to find out more about us, and potentially join our consortium.”

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