THE STATE OF MAINE'S BOATING NEWSPAPER Volume 30 Issue 11 November 2017


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After four years in the shop at Six River Marine for a total refi t, the 46-foot KATIE MACK is re-launched at Yankee Marina in Yarmouth on 14 October.

YARMOUTH – Four years ago I was walk- ing the docks at Strout’s Point and found this beautiful 46-foot bridge deck cruiser sitting at there. She had been cruising the coast, but her owners, Dr. Hugh and Pam Harwood knew they needed to take care of some issues. For the next couple of months several boatbuilders looked at the project and the next time I saw her she was in the shop at Six River Marine in North Yarmouth and ready to be rebuilt. The Harwood’s had decided that they

wanted to buy a boat they could live aboard and the search was on. Their search began on and anytime they took a trip it included looking at boats. Hugh added, “I have always been a sailor, Pam wasn’t keen on a sailboat at all, but she was open. We kind of compromised and looked at motor sailors, but the ones that we saw they were fabulous boats, just too much money and too big. We found KATIE MACK relatively early in our search, but she was all the way on the West Coast, Tacoma, Washington. So we started looking more locally, but we kept coming back to KATIE MACK’s page on and saying well it was a nice boat but it’s not as nice as KATIE MACK. Finally we bit the bullet and said we are just going to have to fl y out there and take a look. They lined up two other boats in Cal-

ifornia and KATIE MACK and fl ew to the West Coast. They took a ride on KATIE


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MACK and they just fell in love. Pam explained, “We wanted to live

aboard and her owner had lived aboard as did two previous owners The survey, sea trials and engine in-

spection was done and while on the plane home, they called the broker and made an off er. Soon she was on a trailer and heading to the State of Maine. They instantly put her back in the water and enjoyed her all around Casco Bay during the summer of 2013. Having not lived aboard a boat before they got a feel for that type of life and found it enjoyable. They knew she had problems and they wanted these addressed. After listening to several recommendations and doing a number of interviews they settled on Six River Marine, Chip Miller and Scott Conrad and they could not have been more happier with their decision. Chip said that he learned about the proj-

ect when they called to discuss the project. He said, “First we took a hard look at the boat once we got her out of the water. Then we gave them an estimate, which took a while to come up with.” Scott added, “Ours was very extensive

and we recommended that they hire a sur- veyor. So they got Paul Haley and that is when they decided to go with us.” So four years ago, KATIE MACK was

hauled out of the water at Yankee Marina in Yarmouth, put on a trailer and taken to Six River Marine. “The fi rst thing that we did

The owners, those that worked on the project and their friends.

was strip the bottom,” said Scott. “Paul Ha- ley wanted to see the bottom planking, but he had pretty much had already condemned the bottom of the boat. Then he condemned quite a handful of the planks in the topsides. That’s when the customer said let’s just replank the entire boat. The job got a lot bigger at that point from what we originally thought, but they wanted to go forward.” Chip said, “We replaced every frame,

every fl oor timber except the ones under the engine, added fl oor timbers back after because there weren’t any, we replaced the

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horn timber, transom, stem, a third of the keel and then planked her with Alaskan white cedar.” As for the interior the plan was to dis-

mantle so the frames could be put in and then put it back in, but much of the interior work was done by the Harwoods, who absolutely enjoyed working in KATIE MACK. Chip and Scott patched the foredeck, put on new rails, and put the sole and counter top in the galley. Hugh explained, “If you boil it

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