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Eggs have been in the news – now the Food Standards Agency says they’re good for everyone, even raw. Call me reckless but I never stopped eating runny eggs in the ‘80s (sorry Edwina). Salmonella levels in UK eggs are low and when British Lion- marked, the hens have been vaccinated.

Does anyone remember ‘Go to Work on an Egg’ in the ‘50s? OK, it was an advertising slogan (Tony Hancock originals on YouTube). Since it’s much sounder advice than breakfast cereal ads today, it’s galling they were not permitted a re-run in 2007, on the grounds that they promoted a non-varied diet.

An egg is a superb food in its own little package. As the best source of protein, they are used as the reference standard against which all other foods are assessed. They provide a full set of essential amino acids, in the right proportions and contain several vitamins including B2, B12, D, A and E, plus minerals like selenium, iodine and phosphorus. The fats are mainly mono-unsaturated with some brain healthy, long-chain, omega 3 fatty acids (DHA). The fat profile depends on diet, with free- range hens beating corn-

fed, caged hen’s hands down. Don’t fear the cholesterol; it won’t affect your blood levels.

Protein is very good for satisfying appetite. When I’m travelling, I take Jon Gabrielle’s omelette pizza (recipe on YouTube). I almost always include an egg in my breakfast, so I don’t need to snack before lunch. Two favourites, are fried steak, egg and mushrooms or a green smoothie, both of which last me about 6 hours.

There are lots of great recipes at: I tried the egg and chorizo one pot. A bit of a starch- fest but a tasty and filling winter warmer.

Top tips – Go to Work on an Egg!

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COCKERMOUTH MARKET NEWS Now’s the time to order your Christmas treats from your local Market!

We’re preparing cakes, puddings, mincemeat, marzipan fruits and other festive goodies, to tickle your taste buds, with special diet options on request. We are happy to wrap any of these if you would like to give them as gifts and offer a Hamper Creation service too.

We also have a wide selection of unique hand-crafted items, which would make perfect gifts, as well as many festive decorations, so do pop in, have a cuppa, and browse our tables on Fridays, from 9.00am until 12.30pm.

Please visit us to speak about anything you’d like to order, on a Friday morning. Send a message to our Facebook page at or drop us an email

LAST COUNTRY MARKET for 2017: 22nd December


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We have had our first frost of the winter (yep, definitely winter when you have a frost) and that can mean many things: early morning car scraping, chilled fingers and icy roads. It’s one of those signs that the seasons are passing, rather like the first touch of snow on top of the fells. I don’t mind it. I like winter. The long nights and short days don’t affect me at all.

Of course, in the kitchen it’s time to dust down the casserole dishes and get into hearty stews. It’s the comfort food. It’s heart-warming stuff. It fills you up and gives you the energy to keep warm.

Slow cooking cheap cuts of meat is a delight. The more fat on the meat, the better. Shin beef is good. So is skirt. You can do some great work with heart too but that might not be for everyone. Just throw in a few vegetables and stock and you’re nearly there. A dash of beer or wine can make a huge difference too.

You can make good vegetarian and vegan dishes at this time of year that can be just WWW.THECOCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK

as filling. The other day, I made a dhal at home. I placed lentils in a dish with a piece of celery and some garlic and simply added a little stock. You just need a few fragrant spices in there and cook it for a good 50 minutes at around 180˚C in the oven. I served it with roasted sweet potatoes and sprinkled a little chopped parsley on top. It was delicious and filling – just how food should be.

Of course, no meal should be without bread at this time of year. You need something to mop up the juices left on your plate and as a real treat, in the casserole as well. It’s simply the right thing to do.

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