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Take Six invites you to... Make Christmas Easy

Fri 1st, Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd December 12-5pm

at ‘Springlea’, Deanscales nr Cockermouth CA13 0SL

buy local handmade gifts

Phil Bradley Steph Leighton Sarah Ames Jonathan Leech Nikki Clark Emma Wigginton

wood, willow, textiles, print and glass

If you haven’t met us before we are a group of local artists and makers and we’d like to invite you to our seventh Christmas open studio show. You have the chance this year to see Phil’s beautiful new workshop for the first time, in his carefully restored byre just across the road from his old workspace. As usual, Phil will clear out his willow and we will all move in, to create our unique pop-up gallery! Each year, we give 10% of proceeds to West Cumbria Carers, a local organisation who support many ‘hidden’ carers, both young and old. We love that as well as showcasing our art and craft we have opportunity to give something back, especially at Christmas.


Made to measure high quality replacement doors, drawer fronts and accessories. Largest choice of colours and

designs. Keep existing carcasses or add more if required Optional new appliances and worktops etc

From £399

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Letters to the Cockermouth Post Experiencing the NHS

The A&E Departments of hospitals are always said to be over-stretched. This is not surprising if the experience a very close friend had a few years ago is typical. She suffered from acute abdominal pains. I took her to hospital. A&E diagnosed stones in the gall bladder, told her to go on to a low-fat diet and sent her home.

She complied with the diet but a fortnight later, during which she suffered continual acute pain, she was back in A&E. Once more she was sent home with the same advice. The acute pain continued including bowl movements difficult to control. Once more, I took her to A&E and again they said go home. This time I said could we pay for an operation to remove the gall bladder.

Miraculously a bed was found immediately and a surgeon was available the next day as were the theatre and anaesthetist.

This all meant that A&E had to deal with the same problem three times instead of once and the patient was cruelly made to suffer for six weeks more than was necessary. If the facilities are not being used, just what is going on? Surely the facilities are not just standing around idle in case a paying patient happens to appear, when those who cannot afford to pay are sent home in agony. I hope this is not the case. Can anyone enlighten me?

Chris Bower

Problems Ahead? On Wednesday, 11th October, a twenty-four-hour blast of rain hit Cockermouth. The river was up, the flood barriers were closed and the sandbags at the ready.

Meanwhile, up at Strawberry Grange, at the point where Story Homes have now excavated the ground sufficiently to position bridge supports for the road which will link Phase One and Phase Two, Tom Rudd Beck had trebled in width – wider than it has ever been at this point. The bridge supports, along with sundry bits and bobs of building debris, were literally surrounded by a raging torrent of water.

It didn’t look good. This area may well be within the designated ‘Blue Corridor’ as we were later informed but it looked considerably wider than that. As this was an unprecedented widening of the waterway, how on earth could it have been accounted for in the original plans and calculations?

The adjoining area, where the lower part of Phase Two will sit, was a sodden marshland, only accessible with the aid of tall wellies, or wet feet.

Water poured from the site across the footpath between the already inhabited properties and the beck, forming a stream along the path which welled deeply in places before tumbling to join the already raging beck.

We were led to believe the run-off from site would always go via the SUDs ponds, filtering and slowing its progress before the beck. We were led to believe (despite the laws of physics), that the water in Tom Rudd Beck, even when swollen and quickened by rainfall, has little effect on the volume of water in the Cocker and Derwent. We were led to believe that the run-off from the development would have little or no effect on the flood risk to Cockermouth. We were even led to believe that flood mitigation measures put in place for the development would make flooding downtown LESS likely that before.

Anyone walking alongside Tom Rudd Beck on Wednesday, 11th October would have had serious cause to doubt all these beliefs. Those who didn’t, need only look at the video evidence posted online.

After just one day’s rain – and the first phase of building not yet complete. Surely, Allerdale Borough Council and the Secretary of State (still considering our plea to halt Phase Two) need to revisit their plans? Before the rain really sets in and once again, it is home and business owners in this once gem town who pay the price.

Judy Whiteside, Strawberry How 16 NOVEMBER 2017 ISSUE 420 PAGE 14



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