Most of us will be used to phone calls nowadays from someone trying to sell you something you don’t want, or just being a general pest. Unfortunately, when you’re a business, it is not recommended that you go ex-directory or use one of the call screening services to make sure that the person on the other end is someone you want to speak to. I did say that it was not recommended rather than not something we have considered at times!

We get phone calls all the time trying to save us money on energy bills, company mobile phones (they really don’t know us at all) and insurances. You tend to get the idea that it is a cold call when they either ask for Mr. Allison, or think that the shop is owned by a woman called Allison.

A few weeks back, we received a call from someone wanting to make a complaint about the service that they had received. We were obviously sorry to hear that the person on the phone felt this way and tried to find out what had happened. They asked us to confirm that this was the company head office. When we pointed out that we only had one shop, so technically this was the head office, even though it would be a tad pretentious to refer to it in this way, it became apparent what had happened. The person on the phone was wanting to complain about a ‘our branch’ in Northampton. So unless Vera is feigning retirement and is moonlighting in another pharmacy we were in the clear on this occasion.

Face for radio!

As you may have noticed, everyone is making a big deal about flu this year. So much so, that Radio Cumbria asked us to have a chat with them about flu one morning on their breakfast show. These tasks usually fall to me and I had the evening to think about what I wanted to say.

After waking up an hour earlier than usual, I paced the floor waiting for the station to call. Last minute checks were made, so that all the baby gates in the house were in place to avoid any unwanted assistance and then the phone rang. Waiting for my turn to speak, I could hear them talking to a GP in Maryport, who pretty much said all that I had planned to say. I resisted the temptation to hang up and run away and did my best to sound coherent, as the binmen decided to make their rounds at the worst possible time.

It didn’t go too badly and later in the day, we heard from Look North who also wanted to cover flu on one of their shows (the Maryport GP must have been busy). After a few takes and I imagine quite a bit of editing, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be a pharmacist for a little while longer.

Check you out!

For the last few years, we have been offering free NHS health checks to eligible patients. In essence, to be eligible you need to be aged between 40 and 74 and not be on medication for blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and related cardiovascular conditions.

One of the other conditions is that you can only have a check every five years. I’ve had a few conversations with patients who accused me personally of not caring about them if they were over 74 and also that I don’t care enough to check them more than every five years. I can assure you, that I do care about you and that the decision about who can have a check and how often they can have one, is made several levels above me within the NHS.

November marks the fifth anniversary of us doing the checks, so those of you who had one back in November 2012 (and there were a lot of you) are eligible to have another one now (providing you’re not now 75!). It doesn’t matter if you had your check with us or elsewhere, we’re more than happy to do yours this time around.

Nat Mitchell

31 Main Street, Cockermouth CA13 9LE 01900 822 292

INFO@THECOCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK Monday to Friday: 8.30am - 6.00pm and

Saturday: 8.30am - 4.00pm GOING SOMEWHERE EXOTIC?

We can now administer your travel vaccines* and antimalarials’ including:

• Diphtheria Tetanus and Polio • Hepatitis A and HepatitisB • Japanese Encephalitis • Meningitis ACWY • Rabies

• Tick Borne Encephalitis • Typhoid We also vaccinate against MeningitisB (from 2 years old) and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in both boys and girls

Vaccinations require a consultation with our trained pharmacist and some need to be started weeks before travelling. We aim to give you comprehensive advice on the spot and carry a range of vaccines. Many patients have received their vaccination the same or next day at a price that matches or beats most other clinics.

* Please note that these are private services and are therefore chargeable. We are not yet a designated Yellow Fever centre


We are still offering our ‘drop in’ service with short waiting times and large vaccine stocks.

If you are eligible for a FREE NHS flu jab, then you are welcome to have it with us regardless of which GP surgery you are registered with as long as it is in the UK. We also offer a private service for those aged 12 years or over for just £10.00.


Available to eligible patients aged 40-74 and includes cholesterol check. Please get in touch to see if you are eligible and to make an appointment.


visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter | 01900 822 292 For further information about our service please

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