Join our new BodyFit Blokes sessions. These have been inspired by Tony Jewell. Tony is a Coach with BodyFit and at 66 years of age, Tony is an inspiration to us all.

Join Tony, Andy and Ian for Men Only 6 week pre-Christmas fitness boost

What is it? An activity session, outside in the fresh air, based around running or walking briskly if you can’t run yet

When: Mondays 6.15pm, Thursdays 7.15pm from 6th November 2017

Meet: Lakes Home Centre, Cockermouth Phone: Sam Ayers: 01900 825974 / 07805 094 701 Web: Email: BodyFitCumbria

“When I first mentioned to Sam about helping out with the coaching, I said it may encourage more blokes to see a male runner on the coaching team. Over the past 18 months, there has been a growing amount of interest in a men-only group. So, the idea of BodyFit Blokes was born. Its aim is to inspire all men and give them the opportunity to join us. Everyone is welcome and all abilities are catered for.”

And from Andy Hayes, one of our BodyFit Blokes Run Leaders…

“I am absolutely passionate about the huge benefits that regular exercise and improved fitness can bring to all aspects of our lives.

Stay Young with Us!

Come and join us for fun, fitness and great company

Age: Like wine, you’re a fine vintage

When: Fridays 10.30am at the Methodist Hall, Lorton Street, Cockermouth

Phone: Sam Ayers: 01900 825974 / 07805 094 701 Web: Email: BodyFitCumbria

Fully qualified, friendly tutors • Men and women of all abilities and fitness levels welcome!

Did you see the recent BBC series ‘How to Stay Young’? Angela Rippon and Dr. Chris van Tulleken investigated the latest experiments and research that could help slow down the ageing process. We’re all interested in staving off the unwanted effects of ageing – me included. We all know what we should do, don’t we? Move a bit more, choose to eat healthily, drink sensibly, get enough sleep, stop smoking, reduce stress, surround ourselves with supportive friends… the list goes on.



Graham began his talk by explaining that his great interest in steam locomotives, was instilled in him when his father took him to Glasgow. Here, he first stood on the footplate of a steam ‘loco’. He then explained how the railways took over the industrial transport system from the relatively short-lived canals of Scotland, hauling minerals such as coal (much of which was exported to the power stations of Belfast) and ironstone.

The Dalmellington Iron Company located close to Ayr and founded in 1848, operated eight furnaces to produce pig iron. However, in 1821, production ceased but coal production only, continued until 1978. This resulted in the line between Dunaskin and Ayr being closed and the iron works site becoming derelict. This important location was taken over by Dalmellington and District Conservation Group, which ceased trading in


However, the really interesting thing about this programme was that it challenged people to reduce their ‘Body Age’ in just 12 weeks. The results were very positive and encouraging. Most people reduced their Body Age by at least 5 years, some by 15… in just 12 weeks. One person even went from being Type 2 diabetic to normal – now that’s definitely worth doing!

So, if you’d like to reduce your Body Age; then join us at one of our classes. We’ll definitely


2005. Graham explained how the Ayrshire Group took over and has operated the site since that date. This preservation group has played a large part in the restoration and maintenance of the site, leading to an exhibition of narrow and standard gauge steam and diesel locomotives, rolling stock and photographic illustrations of the past. Ten years later, the ARPG purchased the loco, station and wagon repair shops.

Graham enthusiastically explained how this team of volunteers have spent many hours preserving the working stock and training new volunteers to take on this continuing preservation role. Notable exhibits include a locomotive over 100 years old, the last steam engine shed to have been built in Britain and the only operational fireless locomotive in the country. As well as exhibiting working engines at this truly living museum, the group offers

brief trips along this branch line hauled by steamers and diesels. This exciting Scottish Industrial Railway Centre is based at Dunaskin, Waterside, by Patna near Ayr and is well worth a visit.

Tom McMullen gave a vote of thanks and reminded us that a lot of our industrial history would be lost, if we did not have enthusiasts, such as Graham.

BodyFit Blokes is a unique initiative, aimed at positively engaging men of all activity levels, who may have been reluctant to sign up to a structured programme before, that will hopefully bring the participants a real desire to incorporate exercise permanently into their weekly routine. It's going to be fun, professionally run and effective. What's not to like?”

Finally, from Ian, also a Run Leader with BodyFit Blokes…

“There's a range of fitness, age and ability, so everyone will feel comfortable in the group. Also, with it being an all-male group, the members will have lots in common. They might even get to have a pint afterwards!”

Come and join us!

help you tick the activity, social and stress relieving boxes, as well as providing advice on an abundance of health and wellness related issues.

My score: I’m 47 and my ‘Body Age’ is 32. According to this particular test, I could reduce it to 30 if I had a large pet (-1 year), I stopped drinking alcohol completely (-1 year). I currently enjoy the odd glass of red wine, so for the moment, I’ll put up with losing a year and as for the large pet; I’ll borrow a friends’ every now and then!

Take the test yourself:

So why not join us? We look forward to meeting you.

For more information, contact Sam Ayers: 01900 825974

Remember to tell us that you saw our advert in The Cockermouth Post.

Any gentlemen interested in joining Probus, please email,

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