It’s our second birthday and LVS is still here, despite the County Council doing their absolute utmost to confuse visitors and locals alike by scheduling road works and closing the roads through Low and High Lorton all summer. Compensation for loss of takings, we’re assured, will not be paid out, as the Council have done their best to ‘minimise disruption’ but without clarifying what ‘disruption’ constitutes.

It’s been really disheartening to discover that the Council as an institution, don’t really value the hundreds of small businesses on their patch; that they can dismiss our existence and importance to our communities and families so easily and that there is no understanding, of how small changes can have huge impacts on viability. At the meeting, I had in July, it was almost as if it was a surprise to the Council to discover that Cumbria included the Lake District and that a lot of businesses completely rely on the seasonal income generated by being in one of the most visited areas of the UK.

This area has many amazing creative and community- minded people working hard on unique business ideas, which brings the character and charm that we who live here are lucky enough to experience daily and which keeps visitors from all over the world coming back. It’s already hard enough to survive, without being thoughtlessly hampered further by our own County Council.

Now the visitors have mostly gone, please support your favourite independent small businesses. Recommend them to people, buy things from them and visit a new one. Celebrate your village or town’s individuality and don’t let the ‘Road Closed’ signs get you down.

High Lorton, Cockermouth CA13 9UL

• Local Produce • Organic Groceries • • Handmade Craft and Gifts • • Ice Cream • Coffee and Cake • 01900 85102

Lorton Village Shop - A Shed With A View 

  

        

Autumn/Winter Problem Pests Rats, Mice, Birds and Cluster Flies CIEH - New Food Hygiene certificate changes To know more please call 01900 824783

 Full Pest Control Service

• Fly Screens & Curtains for insect proofing • Bird Control and Proofing • Woodworm Specialists (FREE quote & advice) • House and Garden Clearances

• Environmental Fumigations and Cleaning • Full Washroom Service & Supply... SAVE £s • CIEH - Health and Safety and Food Hygiene training

Cockermouth Travel, 60 Main Street, Cockermouth, Cumbria CA13 9LU tel: 01900 822308


Stottie and I escaped for a week in Skiathos at the end of August!

We stayed in Achladies at the Agnadi Studios. It’s worth going just for the views from room, pool and dining area which are breathtaking. We ate breakfast and lunch there every day and the food was excellent. Achladies is a peaceful chilled out resort but it’s well-worth taking a short ferry ride in to Skiathos town, with its beautiful harbour and narrow cobbled streets. It’s a great place to explore, with fab shopping and lots of bars and restaurants, which vary from traditional Greek to chic, cool and trendy. We had a lovely day out at Banana Beach, a long stretch of white sand with an amazing beach bar, where you can sit sipping cocktails and watch the sun go down.

It’s staff educational visit season at CT!

We continually invest in sending the team on these trips, as it’s much easier to talk about a destination once you have experienced it first-hand. The bad news is, I haven’t made it on to the list of escapees for the moment but at the time of writing Jackie is in Sri Lanka and Leanne is about to depart for the Canadian Rockies. Zoe is off to Moscow and St. Petersburg in November, Louise to St. Lucia and Rachel is heading off to Memphis, Nashville and New Orleans. It’s all work I promise!


   INFO@THECOCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK

New for Summer 2018! We can help you plan your dream holiday!

19 OCTOBER 2017 ISSUE 419 PAGE 56

First, we sort your destination, then the ideal resort to suit your needs and the best place to stay. That’s normally as far as your decision- making goes, until you arrive at the hotel. Now Thomas Cook have introduced ‘Choose Your Room’ which means at selected hotels, six days before you fly, you can pick the exact room you want to stay in from a floor plan of your hotel. They charge £30.00 per booking so watch this space to see if it works and hopefully it will eliminate the phone calls from customers who get allocated a room looking straight at a brick wall, over the bins or next to a nightclub!

Our helpline is never on holiday!

The end of September and early October, was literally the perfect storm as far as creating problems goes! We had two Hurricanes, Ryanair cancelling flights en-mass and then the collapse of Monarch Holidays and Monarch Airlines. We are on call 24/7 - 365 days a year and the emergency line was hot with calls from worried customers! The Monarch bankruptcy was the biggest headache but within a few hours, on the Monday morning we had everyone re- booked, which just leaves the fun job of filling in the CAA refund forms! ...ZzZzZz

Paul Cusack 01900 822308


Join us at Cockermouth Travel for exclusive evenings with experts to discover all about India, Sri Lanka and New Zealand

India and Sri Lanka Evening Thursday 2nd November

New Zealand Evening Tuesday 14th November

All start at 6.15pm, wine and soft drinks provided. Approx 45 minute presentation followed by time for questions. We charge £2.50 for the evenings collected at registration which will be donated to a local charity.

Places are strictly limited so please call to book 01900 822308 20127

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