Memories of Cloth and the Ageing Process

“You are only as young as you feel!” “You will never be this young again!”

Expressions of this type get more relevant as I get older. Cloth has the ability to hold memory, we can all describe emotions connected to a garment we owned long ago. This is an area of investigation I use when discussing style with clients.

Through the Eye of a Needle By Angie Flynn

28th October – 29th November

PERCY HOUSE GALLERY 38-42 Market Place, Cockermouth

01900 829 667

Angie Flynn’s colourful work, evolves through her observation of people, with snippets of conversation, phrases and words sparking amusing ideas.

Domesticity runs strongly through her pictures, as does the female form, usually juxtaposed with flowers, cakes, cats, dogs… and men.

Lots of quick sketches followed by fabric, paint and stitch. A variety of techniques

are used, applique, quilting and the use of her sewing machine as a drawing tool to create line.

There is always a sense of humour running through Angie’s work!

Main Picture: Afternoon Tea by Angie Flynn Inset: Last of the Summer Flowers by Angie Flynn INFO@THECOCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK

Without giving away my secrets, I often act as a sounding board to people, as they are usually the best ones to know their own style. Many learn from their own experience when choosing clothes for example; what was your favourite garment? Was it a particular fabric or colour? I have early memories of a party dress made of velvet and taffeta, to this day I really love the feel of velvet and the rustle of the taffeta. A sense of celebration exudes from this sort of garment, it adds drama and luxury to the occasion, it marks the moment and makes memories.

Often, ideas linked to youth, or a fabulous garment embody a sensation, which encapsulates a special moment in time, or a particularly memorable experience. The sense of touch is a very strong memory trigger, just as strong as the sense of smell which recaptures another place. If as I have discovered, touch is as strong as the sense of smell in providing a conduit to memory, then recapturing powerful emotions from our youth is possible through clothing choices. We often choose colours or fabrics which we closely associate with special or exciting times in our lives when we felt particularly free, happy and loved.

Learning to be your own stylist is the best way forward - no harm in asking for help as you age and progress. This is one aspect of what I mean, when I say I style people from the inside out. It is a form of creative coaching that encourages you to live a more creative life through your own sense of identity and self- development approaching the ageing process with less criticism, more humour, creativity and a bit of self-love and appreciation.

You can book an individual session or a style course for a group, my next available dates are not until December. I only recommend gift vouchers for group workshops or colour analysis, as I like individuals to decide on style for themselves.

Maggi Toner-Edgar 19 OCTOBER 2017 ISSUE 419 PAGE 18 Illustration: Maggi Toner-Edgar

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