The Partnership of the Manitoba Capital Region

Fall 2017

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Growing and working together W

of the Manitoba Capital Region (PMCR) partnered with the Capital Region Board in Edmonton (CRB) and the Calgary Re- gional Partnership (CRP), they were able to gather their member communities to bring local leaders from across Canada back in 2012 for the first-ever Collaborate to Compete in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. 5 years later, the very successful 5th an- nual Collaborate to Compete 2017: Strong City, Strong Region was held in our na- tion's capital of Ottawa, Ontario during Canada 150 - and what an event it was! Every year, as a kickoff to the Federation


of Canadian Municipalities Annual Trade Show and Conference, these regional organizations partners use this time to bring local leaders together and network before a very busy week. Collaborate to Compete 2017: Strong City Strong Region was also an opportunity to learn from experts who are working regionally across Canada. Over the course of one evening and one morning session, the event al- lowed leaders to gain insight on how cities

Shown: Colleen Shepherd (Executive Director CRP), Mayor Don Iveson, Mayor John Tory, Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Mayor Brian Bowman, Colleen Sklar (Executive Director PMCR), Malcolm Bruce (Executive Director CRB).

act as the lifeblood of a region. Although regional organizations have

been around for a long time, it is now that most local government leaders are begin- ning to realize it is only with thinking, act- ing and working together as a region that we

will be able to compete in the global mar- ketplace. Toby Lennox from Toronto Global, an arms-length organization representing municipalities in the Toronto region, says, “It is the international investors who are  Mayors collaborate to compete page 4

Collaboration yields great accomplishments in the Winnipeg Region

WFPS Chief John Lane Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS)

than the sum of its parts. Synergy is achieved through collaboration, and collaboration is exactly what the Part- nership of the Manitoba Capital Region is all about. Te PMCR’s emergency services col-

S Securing Our Future:

An Action Plan for Manitoba’s Capital Region Local Leaders Working Together to Secure Our Future

Today the Winnipeg Metro Region continues to draw on our unique advantages; our high quality agricultural lands, abundant clean water resources access to low cost renewable energy, fluid transportation networks and a high quality of life across our communities. These characteristics strategically defined us for generations as a center for commerce, trade and settlement.

To maintain our strategic advantage, to respond to new and emerging challenges and ensure residents continue to have access to high quality services, local leaders of the Winnipeg Metro Region have come together to develop an action plan that will facilitate common sense decision making, promote good growth, stewardship, and support a strong, sustainable and prosperous capital region now and for the future. Securing Our Future is a starting place, providing clear steps for action to build on our collective resources and unique strengths, delivering better outcomes for all. Securing Our Future is a framework that will enable us to:

• Invest wisely across all areas of operations prioritizing limited budgets and increasing service delivery. • Anticipate emerging opportunities to be competitive and visible in local, national and international markets.

• Steward our agricultural lands, natural lands and our fresh water. • Coordinate strategic infrastructure investment to ensure we are connected, competitive and ready for changing technology and innovative opportunities.

• Plan communities where residents of all generations can live and thrive. • Solve problems collaboratively through access to shared data, best practices and decision support tools.

PARTNERSHIP OF THE Manitoba Capital Region

laboration has yielded great accom- plishments in a very short time. Tese include unprecedented group purchas-

ynergy is among my favourite words. It elegantly captures the concept of the whole being greater

ing discounts and a fire/rescue reporting database that guides fire departments through a thorough documentation process. As a result, participating depart- ments and municipalities enjoy greater efficiency and have important informa- tion immediately available. Every emergency service organization

has areas of specific expertise. Te PMCR collaboration allows easy access to each other’s expertise and capacity. We can all be each other’s resources to call upon for specific needs and capacity. Te Win- nipeg Fire Paramedic Service is proud to be an active participant in these efforts.

e hope you’ll enjoy the first edition of the Regional Times - a publication designed to share stories from across the growing Winnipeg Metropolitan

Region that showcase what we can achieve when we work

in partnership across municipalities. By working together, we will remain strong, sustainable and prosperous well into the future, and perhaps have a few good stories to tell along the way.

Big City Mayors collaborate to compete

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unicipal ities col laborat ing with one another is nothing new. So when the Partnership

WFPS Chief John Lane. Common Sense - Working Hard - Working Together

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