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October 2017 Panto ahoy!

THE cast of Cinderella, which is to be staged at the Hazlitt Theatre in Maid- stone, took to the River Medway to launch this year's panto.

On board The Kentish Lady were national treasure Rustie Lee (Fairy Godmother), former EastEnder Ste- fan Booth (Prince Charming), Eliza- beth Bright (Cinderella), Craig Anderson (Buttons) and, pictured, Stephen Richards and Adam Bor- zone (Ugly Sisters) . They were greeted by pupils from South Borough Primary School and members of the media. The panto runs from December 1-31. For tick- ets go to

Villagers in conflict over the relief road

LANGLEY Parish Council has been accused of wasting time and public money after reporting an allegation from a recent meeting to Kent Police.

An incident at September’s full council meeting is alleged to have happened as members of the public attempted to have their say on a proposed relief road from the Lan- gley area to the A20. According to police, a man “is al-

leged to have been pushed and threatened by a resident”. Some Langley residents say the

relief road issue has brought sim- mering tensions over the by-pass to the boil. The parish council chair- man, Cllr Cheryl Taylor-Maggio, has publicly voiced strong reserva- tions about a relief road and its ef- fect on Langley. An eye-witness said: “There was

a chap who was trying to speak in support of the relief road but the

chairman kept trying to end the public forum. Cllr Taylor-Maggio told him to calm down or the police would be called. He was only try- ing to have his say. The atmosphere of the meeting was exuberant but not threatening. People were say- ing that they had a right to speak. Most members of the public were pro-relief road. I didn’t see any pushing or a reason to involve po- lice. It’s a waste of time and public money, if you ask me.” Cllr Taylor-Maggio said: “I have

no comment to make.” Another eye-witness said: “Itwas

an appalling, disastrous meeting. I I’ve never been to a meeting so badly run. This chap was forced out of the meeting. They made him

leave and, if he didn’t, they’d call the police. I don’t think itwas a po- lice matter at all.” But a letter to councillors from

parish clerk Helen Anderson said: “Following the disturbance at this meeting (whichwe had to report to the police under the Public Disor- der Act 1986)…the chairman, vice chairman and I will now be work- ing together to take steps in tight- ening up all our procedures pertaining to the running of our meetings and, in particular, to the public element. This is in order to demonstrate that what happened lastweek will not be tolerated...” A Kent Police spokesman said:

“Kent Police has been made aware of an incident which is reported to

01622 690290 YOUR LOCAL PROPERTY EXPERT 23 Pudding Lane • Maidstone • Kent

have happened at a village hall in Horseshoes Lane, Langley, Maid- stone. A man is alleged to have been pushed and threatened by a resident, during a meeting held by the local parish council. “Police have spoken to the informant about the circumstances of the incident and it has been agreed that no fur- ther action has been taken.”

Home Alarms supplied and fitted visit or call 08000 199622 Obituaries 34 Parish Councils 36-37

AN ACCIDENT on the Ashford Road in Headcorn had left a tele- graph bent over, police said; coun- cillors were told PCSOs would no longer attend parish meetings in Chart Sutton unless requested; the basket swings in the playground at Kingswoodare splitting; the county council will be asked to clean signs in East Sutton.

Crime Reports 37

SHEDS in Chart Sutton were bro- ken into and a number of tools taken; fence panels were damaged in Boughton Monchelsea; keys were stolen during a break-in at a house in Coxheath; a body panel was stolen from a Mazda car in East Farleigh.

Comment 46-47

FREE No. 246

News Village war exhibition

THE war effort of Headcorn’s resi- dents is being remembered at a special exhibition. 3

Local Plan shelved

MAIDSTONE’S Local Plan for housing for the next 15 year has been shelved.

Apple harvest hit

ADVERSE weather in April has af- fected this year’s apple harvest, say farmers. 8

Fly-tip CCTV call

BOROUGH councillor Gill Fort wants CCTV in Burberry Lane to prevent fly-tipping.

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