SERVING THE NATION’S TRADERS SINCE 1922 SEPTEMBER 29 - OCTOBER 12, 2017 No. 4910 70p Parking predicament

A councillor in a Cheshire town has hit out at the county council after falling foul of the authorities for leaving his car near the town’s market. Winsford town councillor

Dave Edwards has warned Cheshire West and Chester Council that a lack of parking will kill the town’s market, after he was hit with his second parking fine in quick succession. Cllr Edwards told local

media that on both occasions he asked a traffic warden if it was okay to park there and was told both times that it was, only to find a ticket attached to his car on his return. “We should be encouraging

people to park there and use our market and support small local businesses,” he said. “Traders are leaving the

market because of this very issue and it will kill the market. “I appealed against the last

ticket I got a few months ago and it was overturned, and I am not paying this one. But if this has happened to me twice, it will be happening to a lot of people wanting to shop in the town. “It will just put people off

coming to Winsford,” he added. “We’re just pushing people away to go and shop in Northwich and Crewe and other towns and it just doesn’t make sense.” A number of residents share

Cllr Edwards’ opinion and they have shown their support by launching a petition to ‘save the market’. The petition was set up

by residents group Open Winsford, which is asking for up to 30 minutes free parking to be made available behind the market to allow shoppers to “pop in and spend cash”. A spokesman for Open

Winsford told local media: “Winsford Market is the cornerstone of the town centre – if Winsford is to be regenerated it needs something to grow out of. “With half of the town

centre demolished and no plans in sight, it is of extreme importance that the value of the market and its traders be recognised. “As we speak, market stallholders are leaving as a direct result of parking charges. If Asda customers had to park in the multi-story ‘pop in’ customers would think twice; same with the market. “Traders depend upon customers nipping in to grab a bag of potatoes or drop off a hoover and are suffering as a result of the off-putting charges. “The town centre is on its

last legs as it is – losing the market would be catastrophic for Winsford. We need regeneration, or at least help in stopping the rot. Half an hour free parking would help enormously.” In response to the comments Cheshire West and Chester Council has pointed out that the initial request for parking restrictions came from Winsford councillors, to ensure that the area is kept clear for emergency services and deliveries. Cabinet member for

The problem of parking rears its head again, this time in Winsford (Photo: mr_fox)

environment, Cllr Karen Shore, told local media: “There is no public parking on the service access road behind Winsford market. “These restrictions have

been in place for many years after highways engineers assessed a requirement for waiting restrictions. “A formal consultation took

place allowing members of the public to object to the introduction of the legal order. “Additional road markings

Help for entrepreneurs

Young entrepreneurs in a Cumbrian town are being encouraged to apply for a chance to win £200 to help them set up a new market stall.

The Copeland Borough Council £200 grant scheme comes as part of the first

ISSN 2057–6781

anniversary of the relaunch of Whitehaven Market, and is open to anyone aged 18 to 30 years old. The money will be presented

along with the use of a £100 stall at Whitehaven Market, free of charge for six weeks. Local traders already

working on the market will also be on hand to offer help and advice to the fledgling stallholders. A ‘Big Birthday Bash’ themed market is taking place

on Saturday September 30, featuring a selection of new stalls, entertainment and free goody bags. The Mayor of Copeland,

Mike Starkie, told local media: “This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who’s looking to test the market with a new business venture. “It gives people the chance to get out into the local community to test their products and interact with the many residents who attend

are being added following requests from local councillors to stop the illegal parking and ensure the area is kept clear for emergency services and deliveries. “The council has enforced

the parking restrictions in this area since 2013. “If it is felt a parking ticket

has been wrongly issued, there is a legal process which can be followed allowing the notice to be contested. We can’t comment on specific

our twice weekly market. We encourage anyone

who’s interested in the scheme to get in touch.” Whitehaven Ma r k et operates twice a week on Thursdays and Saturdays. The number of regular stallholders is estimated to have doubled since its relaunch in October 2016, meaning an increase in income for the council of over 35 percent. Up to £50 of the grant

money must be used to buy the relevant public liability insurance needed to work from a market stall, while the other £150 is to be used for setting up costs.

tickets while this process is ongoing.”

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