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The Lakes Home Centre truly is a shopping experience not to be missed!

During the school holidays, Marjorie and I have had a few pleasant surprises. Although neither involve anything rare or unusual, I would like to mention two of them.

The first surprise occurred when we took our eight-year-old grandson to RSPB Campfield. near Bowness-on-Solway and he decided he would like to do some pond dipping.

We collected nets, a plastic tray in which to place our captures and a leaflet showing some of the pond life we might find and then headed across the Discovery Field to the boardwalk at the edge of the pond. Fairly quickly, several species of water beetle were found, some tiny shrimps, water louse and a couple of tiny stickleback fish.

Then there was a shout from our grandson who had caught a monster; it was much larger than anything else we had caught, about an inch-and-a-half long, with a solid looking body with a long tube projecting from the rear end; it seemed to have only four legs and at the front a huge pair of pincers. After studying the identification leaflet we realised we had caught a water scorpion.

Reading about it later, we learned the tube at the rear is its breathing tube and the pincers are adapted legs it uses to seize its prey. Although it was the first time I had seen one, we understand they are quite common in suitable ponds. We


spent several minutes watching this and our other finds before returning them all to the pond.

We have had one or two slow worms in our compost bins for several years but this year we had seen five, of which at least three were females. They have a thin black line along the spine unlike the males which are plain. Towards the end of August, I went to put some peelings in the compost bin. It was quite warm and the sun was shining on the black plastic bin and I thought that the slow worms were likely to be basking near the


top so they could gain energy for the day. When I opened the bin, to my surprise and delight there was one plump slow worm and four tiny ones which had just been born. Slow worms, like common lizards are ovoviviparous, that is the eggs are retained in the females until they hatch and only after this do they emerge. The babies were silvery, not much thicker than a pencil lead and about two inches long. Yesterday, Marjorie counted fifteen in the same bin. They will probably stay in the compost bin until late-autumn, when they and the adults will go into hibernation until April. Whether any will stay with us after that I have no idea but I hope they stay nearby, as they are harmless except to slugs and the like. They are long-lived, females are not mature until five or six years old and they have been known to live to over fifty. They are not very aptly named as they are neither slow nor worms but legless lizards.

The West Cumbria RSPB Group’s next

indoor meeting is at 7.30pm on 3rd October, in United Reformed Church, Main Street, Cockermouth, when Chris Winnick, Chairman of Cumbrian Butterfly Conservation will talk about Butterflies of the North West. All are welcome.

More details from or from Group Leader Dave Smith on 01900 85347 or Marjorie and Neil on 01900 825231.

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