There are many benefits of having your dog groomed. Regular brushing, regardless of coat length or type, helps to keep the skin and coat healthy. Brushing is a vital part of dog care, as it promotes good blood circulation, helps to remove dead hair and helps to bring out the natural oils in the dogs fur, giving the coat a healthy shine.

In addition to the direct benefits to your dog’s coat, grooming may help to point out any abnormalities in your dog’s body, such as sores, growths or bald spots and when found at an early stage, these problems can be treated immediately, before they have a chance to become more serious.

Certain breeds such as Poodles, Cockapoos,

Labradoodles, Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terriers need to be clipped and tidied regularly to keep their coat manageable and in good condition. It is important for the owners to brush these breeds daily in-between grooms, to prevent matts from forming. Once the coat has matts, brushing them out is not always possible, or kind. Matting is very uncomfortable for the dog and brushing them out can cause more pain and injury, clipping off and starting again is kinder and safer. A regular schedule can then be agreed with your groomer to prevent it from happening again.

While frequency will depend on your dogs’ breed, coat type or lifestyle, regular grooming sessions will help your dog to remain a healthy, clean companion to you. I can recommend how often your dog should be groomed, the usual time is 6-8 weeks. I am qualified and insured and groom dogs on a one-to-one basis in a calm environment. Send me a message, or give me a call to discuss your dog grooming requirements.

Lexa Ray Floyd’s Dog Grooming

Local singing group voicesdotcom are making a few changes - new time, new venue but hopefully still the same varied range of music and sense of fun.


If you could do with a good sing, come and join us on Wednesdays from 5.00pm to 6.00pm at the Friends Meeting House, Kirkgate, Cockermouth. All welcome, just bring your enthusiasm.

Contact Janie on 01900 829871 INFO@THECOCKERMOUTHPOST.CO.UK

Following our summer break, our weekly classes at Lorton Street resumed. However, our dancers have not been inactive over the summer months. Early in July, several members attended The Lakes Summer Ball near Windermere and a week later, a team of ten in their distinctive black and yellow outfits took part in the White Rose Outdoor Dance Festival at Harewood, near Leeds. Later in the month, we organised an outdoor evening of dancing in Thackthwaite in aid of NSPCC, which raised £250. A few days later, we held our annual summer dance at Loweswater, which included our traditional strawberries and cream supper. During July and August, many of our members attended summer school at St. Andrews, where there were tutorials to suit all abilities. So, with classes and events, Scottish Country Dancing

~ SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCE CLUB ~ goes on throughout the year.

Our weekly classes for adults are held on Thursdays from 7.00pm in Lorton Street Methodist Church Hall in Cockermouth.

For more information visit or contact the secretary on 01900 817045.

For the youth section, contact

New members are welcome, beginners and experienced dancers alike, so come and join us at our classes.

If you want to try something new, refresh old skills, exercise whilst making new friends and having fun, we look forward to seeing you.

Adele Holmes D.Pod.M, M.Ch.S, S.R.Ch, HCPC Regd. Podiatrist/Chiropodist 01900 826980


If you would like to make an appointment please contact

or 20 Laithwaite Close, Cockermouth, CA13 0AQ

Summer is coming to an end and we can already feel a chill in the morning autumn air. I had a lovely holiday in both Greece and France and I am raring to go and get everyone back on their feet again - pardon the pun!

We would like to welcome Anna Chambers to Cockermouth Chiropody/Podiatry. Anna will be offering Reflexology treatments here, every Tuesday evening from 6.00pm- 9.00pm. Each session will last approximately 30 minutes.

There are many Benefits to Reflexology:

• Nerve function. As we age, the sensitivity of our nerve endings slows down too, especially in our extremities. Through reflexology, more than 7,000 nerve endings are being connected in one session, increasing the reactivity and function.

• Pain relief. Reflexology has been used widely as a treatment for mild to chronic pain.

In a study conducted 2000,

respondents expressed relief of pain after a foot massage. Reflexologists believe that

the pain is caused by obstructions in meridians and it restores the continuous flow of energy through stimulation of nerve endings.

• Circulation. One of the most-known and proven benefits of

reflexology is

improvement in circulation. Increase in circulation means that blood and oxygen are distributed throughout the different parts of the body more efficiently. Thanks to proper oxygenation, the vital organ systems also perform certain functions properly, which is essential in maintaining an overall health.

• Relaxation. Through the application of reflexology technique, neural pathways are being stimulated, allowing free flow of energy and a more relaxed state is realised. Moreover, through the same process, stress and anxieties are being eliminated as well, leading to a more positive mental health.

We will look forward to seeing you for your next appointment.

Adele Holmes D.Pod.M, MCh.S, S.R.Ch 21 SEPTEMBER 2017 ISSUE 418 PAGE 52

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